Planet Pulp Brings You “Masters of the Universe Compendium” By Artist Christopher Lee


  • Hand-signed by artist Christopher Lee
  • 27×39″ (68.58cm x 99.06cm)
  • Offset Printed on 100lb matte book
  • Ships rolled and sleeved in a sturdy shipping tube

Yeah, that’s right people, soak this one in. Jayson over at Planet Pulp has gathered a collective of artists to create awesomeness the likes of which could blind you with a single glimpse.  Planet Pulp describes itself as such: “an Intergalactic Online gallery on a mission to orbit a pulp-culture theme every 30 days. Once there you will discover a collection of talented rogues bound together by sheer awesomeness, illustrating and designing monthly themes as we celebrate our shared love of Pulp Culture!”

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.41.22 AMArtist, designer and toy collector Christopher Lee describes his print as “The most powerful print in the universe!” and to be honest, I think he may be on to something there.  This poster pays tribute to the original Masters of the Universe toy line (not the most recent Classics incarnations).  Click HERE to order your copy of this mighty fine piece of pop culture.  At only $20 it will look great in your kids room.  OOOOOOR…if you are like me, it will look incredible in your office next to your collection of LEGO Star Wars figures.  (I”m not SAAAAYING I have said situation but if I DID, then it would look amazing.)

You can follow both PULP PLANET and artist Chris Lee on Twitter to keep up on on all they do.  As you can see from the print above, what they do is pretty damn cool.


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