Lapka: Your Very Own Personal Environment Monitor

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.28.41 PMLapka is a tiny, beautiful personal environment monitor that connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

Lapka’s precise sensors respond to the invisible world of particles, ions, molecules and waves. But Lapka doesn’t just quantify what it measures. You get results that are specific to where you are. On the street, at the office, inside a child’s bedroom, or on an airplane: the Lapka app compares its readings to average guidelines for each individual environment.

-00-lapka-wearableYou can collect snapshots of your comfort throughout the day to create a diary or share with the world around you.  For all you paranormal enthusiast out there, it even detects Electromagnetic Fields to help you try and figure out what goes bump in the night.  Take a look at the other things Lapka can detect.

Professionally precise. Lapka Radiation reveals highly accurate information about the radioactive particles around you and how they might be affecting you.  Chernobyl residents, this one is for you!

Designed to detect significant quantities of nitrates in raw produce left behind by the use of synthetic fertilizers.  Vegans, rejoice!  Now you can REALLY get down to the nitty-gritty of what you eat!

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.32.32 PM

Detects electromagnetic fields (EMF), which can be caused by electronic devices, wireless transmitters, or nearby power lines. Lapka EMF can be used to help find a spot in your home with the least electromagnetic pollution — perfect for your bed, desk, or yoga mat.  Forget powerlines and electromagnetic pollution, we all know what this one was designed for…GHOST HUNTING!  Paranormal peeps, this will help you find out what goes bump in the night.

The temperature and relative humidity of your environment are measured, combined, and compared with our knowledge base of comfort standards to help you better understand your personal climate at any moment. Global warming folks can now document all the changes going on around them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 2.55.22 PMNow the commercial for Lapka is a bit…….well…suggestive with the exaggerated hand movements, the soft monotone narration and the calming piano music but the device seems pretty cool and fun to use.  Head over to their site HERE to get your own PEM.  (Personal Environment Monitor)


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