DC’s Scott Snyder And Jim Lee Talk About “Superman Unchained” and “Batman: Zero Year”

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.40.26 AMThe lucky folks over at Nerdist got a chance to talk to writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee at WonderCon about two of this summer’s most anticipated DC Comic books, “Superman Unchained” and “Batman: Zero Year”  We first wrote about  Superman Unchained back in March and now these two masters of the printed comic page are talking more about the project that Snyder says is, “epic in scope” and will “challenge Superman to his core.”


Back in March we also wrote about another project Snyder has going on, “Batman: Zero Year.”  (Seriously, does the man ever sleep?)  THIS one is an 11 issue arc that delves into the origins of the Dark Knight like never before.  Snyder claims that “this is a Batman story that no one has told before.”


Here is their in-depth interview with Nerdist.  I warn you now…this article/ interview is only for the strong of heart.  After hearing what these two masterminds have in store for us it may be hard to eat, sleep, work or do ANYTHING but sit and anticipate these titles release.  There…you have been warned….enjoy…

N: Let’s dive into the the news on everyone’s minds – what can we expect from Superman Unchained?

Scott Snyder: It’s a book launching on June 12th and it’s the craziest Superman story we could do together. It’s sort of the Superman story I’d do if I only had one chance to write a Superman story. It’s my version of a Superman story – it pits him against a brand new villain. You’re going to see your favorite characters shown in very different, fresh ways. Classic characters – Lois, Lex, Perry White, the Planet. We really wanted to do a Superman story that shows him in ways you haven’t seen before, exploring his powers and why he does what he does from certain vantage points that you might not have seen before. We want it to feel classic and iconic, but also fresh and different.

That’s really the mission on the book, at least for me. New villain, new book! He’s going to be shaken to his core – emotionally, psychologically and physically. And I hope you guys love it.

Jim Lee: We’re creating a lot of new stuff. There’s a new villain in the first issue, a new penitentiary, new locations. It’s weird – when I worked on Batman, apart from tinkering with the Batcave, everything is fleshed out. Metropolis isn’t exactly the same way, so we’re having fun creating new buildings, locations, characters, secret organizations…really cool stuff!


N: So, this will be a new ongoing series, yes? Not just a mini or maxi-series?

SS: Well, we’re sort of running with it as we go. The first really big story we’re working on now – I don’t want to give away how many issues it is. We’re sort of working on it as we go and we’ll see how you guys love it. Yeah, it’s many issues. [laughs]

N: It seems like you’re almost becoming the J.J. Abrams of DC Comics, taking over the Star Wars/Star Trek equivalent that is Batman and Superman. Do you feel any sense of pressure taking over these high profile characters?

Click HERE to head over to the NERDIST WEBSITE and read the rest of the interview.

I’ve also added a great video interview with the two from the 2012 NYCC where they candidly discuss the projects.


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