The All-New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Gives A Whole New Meaning To….


-00-star-trek-into-darkness-movie-posterLooks like Cumberbatch had his way with the Enterprise in this image.  Who knew Kirk got his a$$ handed to him so much so early in his career at Starfleet?

startrekintodarkness-banner-cast-fullAt this point I have no idea why they are dumping ANY more money into marketing this one.  The overall vibe is that we are ALL GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE!  At this point they are just rubbing our noses in it because they KNOW we are dying to see it but they like making us wait.  They must get some sick, demented pleasure from our pain of not being able to see it NOW! I’m all in, I will be IMAXing this one, solo, opening day, first showing and then I will most likely rebound and bring my son later that weekend.

Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack for Star Trek Into Darkness is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The soundtrack CD is priced at $17.98 and for you folks that love vinyl, good news, it is also available on vinyl with a pre-order price of $28.49. The soundtrack will be released May 14th.

-00-uring-director-jj-abrams-himselfHere is a quick featurette where J.J. Abrams and the cast briefly talk about the film.  Give it a watch and in doing so, continue to stoke that burning desire you have to see this film even more than you did 10 minutes ago.


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