Spoke Art Gallery Honors Martin Scorsese With Their All New Exhibit: “Scorsese: An Art Show Tribute”

-0-martin_scorseseOn Friday, April 19th, Spoke Art Gallery of San Francisco, CA will debut a special weekend-long pop up exhibition in Chelsea, New York City, dedicated to the storied filmography of the legendary director. Over 70 artists from around the world have created new and original works of art in honor of Mr. Scorsese in an eclectic showing of over one hundred paintings, sculptures and screen prints.

Their April exhibition, “Scorsese: An Art Show Tribute” opens this Friday night at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea.

Known for his New York-centric filmography, which includes cinematic classics such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Gangs of New York and Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese is widely regarded as one of the most important working directors in film today. With his recent five Oscars wins at the 2012 Academy Awards for this most recent film, Hugo, the 71 year old director continues to prove his relevance in modern cinema history.


Tracie Ching


Joshua Budich

-0-Jayson-Weidel-Scorsese-550x733Jayson Weidel

The exhibition will open Friday, April 19th with an opening night reception and party that is free and open to the public. The reception begins at 6pm and the first one hundred attendees will receive an exclusive limited edition screen print to commemorate the occasion. The show will be on view to the general public Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st from 11AM to 5PM.


Joel Phillips


Alexander Iaccarino

The event will take place at Bold Hype, a gallery space located at 547 W27th St. (fifth floor) in the heart of New York’s Chelsea arts district.

The participating artists are phenomenal and include: Tracie Ching, David Moscati, Fernando Reza, Justin VanGenderen, Matt Needle, Paul Shipper, Aaron Jasinski, Adam Maida, Akira Beard, Alex Pearson, Alexander Iaccarino, Andrew Spear, Beau Stanton, Bethany Marchman, Brian Ewing, Brian Methe, Casey Weldon, Chuck Sperry, Dave MacDowell, Dave Perillo, Derek Gores, Derek Weisberg, Epyon5, Erik Jones, Gabz, Geoff Trapp, Greg Gossel, Hydro74, Ibraheem Youssef, Isaac Bidwell, Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.40.13 PMJames Gilleard, Jayson Weidel, Jessica Deahl, Joel Daniel Phillips, Johannah O’Donnell, JoKa, Jon Smith, Jonathan Bergeron, Joshua Budich, Kevin Jay Stanton, Kristopher Joesel, Lucien Shapiro, Matt Taylor, Meghan Stratman, Melissa Ling, Michelle Coffee, Monkey Ink Design, NC Winters, New Flesh, Nick Comparone, Oliver Barrett, Peter Adamyan, Rafael Santiago, Rhys Cooper, Rich Pellegrino, Sam Gilbey, Sam Ho, Sam Smith, Sandi Calistro, Scott C, Scott Weatherwax, Serge Gay Jr., Steve Daily, Steve Hughes, Tessa Morrison, Toobs, Ty Mattson, William Arvin, Zach Landrum, Zeb Love. 

Follow Spoke Art Gallery on TWITTER to learn about upcoming projects and check out their WEBSITE and pick up some fantastic art.

ScottCampbellScott Campbell

JoshuaBudich_2Joshua Budich

ChuckSperryChuck Sperry




RhysCooperRhys Cooper

PrimaryHughesPrimary Hughes

SergeGayJrSerge Gay Jr.

SandiCalistroSandi Calistro

RichPelligrinoRich Pelligrino


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