Artist Midnight Marauder, Raid 71, Adam Rabalais And Others Deliver Impressive Alternate Prints For Marvel’s Iron Man 3

-0MM-IRONMAN3Here at BLURPPY we are big fans of artist Midnight Marauder’s work.  We have featured him several times and his art never disappoints. (Search him out on our site.) In anticipation for Marvel’s upcoming onslaught at the movie theaters he was invited by who asked 12 artists to come up with alternative art for Marvel’s Iron Man 3.  As with all his other work…we absolutely love it and the rest of the posters are pretty spectacular as well.

MM_IRONMAN3_002Midnight Marauder unused concept piece for Iron Man 3

When asked about the print Midnight Marauder said: “I wanted something dark, simple and evil.” Mission accomplished. Check out these two unused concept pieces that he didn’t use and follow Midnight Marauder on TWITTER and check out his WEBSITE to see his impressive portfolio.

MM_IRONMAN3_003Midnight Marauder unused concept piece for Iron Man 3

Take a look below at all the images by the other artists: Fernando Reza, Brandon Schaefer, Ben Whitesell, Sharm Murugiah, Chris (Raid 71) Thornley, altR, Janee Meadows, Alex Gill, Greg Bunbury, and Adam Rabalais).  After all is said and done and you have soaked them all in, try…..just try to pick one as your favorite and leave it in the comments section below.  I was only able to get it down to 4 prints and that was after looking at them for the past 2 hours. Now….can someone at Marvel PLEASE make these available to the public?  Take more of our money…PLEASE DAMN IT!

iron-man-fernando-reza Fernando Reza

-0-iron_mBrandon Schaefer

-ironman_3_bwhitesellBen Whitesell

-0-iron man 3 smSharm Murugiah

-0-iron man chris thornleyChris Thornley

-0-altR_IronMAN3 altR

-0-im3 jm Janee Meadows

-0-ALEXGILL_IM3Alex Gill

-0-greg im3Greg Bunbury

-0-Iron_Man_3_webAdam Rabalais


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