Iron Man 3 – Box Office Edition Limited Print by BASK

1xRun_Ironman3_Frame_Web00Iron Man 3 by BASK

11″ x 23″

Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper

$50 Print only

$225 Framed Print

Click HERE to purchase

Last Summer, 35 year old St Petersberg based artist BASK, aka, Ales Hostomsky, got an e-mail from an old gallery friend asking for some street art for a scenic backdrop in a movie. Bask brushed it off saying, “In the back of my head, I’m just thinking they want some graffiti. “Finally, the [next] email I get from her is like, ‘Hey, the movie I’m working on is Iron Man 3, and Robert Downey, Jr. wants your work in the movie.”

As you can imagine, THAT caught his attention and he immediately got in touch with her. The piece in question was something he had done back in 2004 called, “When it rains, it pours.”  The piece features a massive iron bomb dropping on the unsuspecting figure of the Morton Salt Girl. However, there was a problem, the piece was long gone so he had to recreate the image in a much grander scale for the movie.  (The piece is featured in Tony’s laboratory, look for it when you see the movie this weekend.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 10.47.26 AMThrilled with his work, the studio then asked for 13 more pieces of art to be featured in The Mandarin’s lair!  BASK dropped everything, traveled to Miami to work on the film set, and even recorded a conversation with Downey as DVD bonus material.

BASK sat down with 1X Run for an interview and to talk about the dream project:

1xRun: Your artwork was a featured in the home of Tony Starks aka Iron Man in the new film Iron Man 3. How did this project come about and what was the art director’s feedback on why they felt your work was a good fit for Iron Man’s home in the movie?

BASKBASK: Last June, my friend Susie Pilzninski called me saying that Robert Downey Jr. and the production team wanted to use a painting that I did in the next Iron Man film. The piece was of the Morton Salt girl with a massive bomb falling down on her. The original had been sold for a while and much too small anyway. So I recreated it to their size specification of 5ft wide and 13ft tall. Then they asked me if I’d be interested in doing more work for the Mandarin’s lair a few months later when they were shooting in Miami. I of course said yes and ended up doing 13 more massive paintings and some set design for them along with the Iron Man mask design which they asked me to do for the wrap of the film last year. They made shirts and postcards for the set department with that image. So it doesn’t appear in the film but was part of the project.

-0-BASK1xRun: Tell us a little bit about these pieces, what materials did you use?
BASK: All the original works I did for Iron Man 3 are sold including the two pieces here.  I applied the same technique as all my work. A base of weathered old panels and a mixed media of hand painted distressed images.  Both works were created last year but I had to keep them under wraps until Marvel was ready to release the film.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.37.24 AM1xRun: How long did these pieces take from start to finish?

BASK: This was kind of crazy. They were trying to reach me for weeks but all they said was a movie wants to use your work in a movie. Didn’t say what movie though. So I almost blew it off until they said, Robert Downey Jr. wants your painting in Iron Man 3. So I called back right away and they said they needed the Rains/Pours piece in 5 days. Which gave me 2 to paint a 5ft x 14ft painting, crate it up and send it over-night it, so it makes it there on time for the shoot. It was a marathon, but I got it done and the rest is history. Then they came back a couple months later and had me do more work only this time it was making massive back drops for the Mandarin lair.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.38.24 AM

1xRun: What is unique about these pieces?

BASK: I think people can identify with it’s symbolism. We all try to protect ourselves from what ‘s coming but there are always things in life that can overwhelm us or just simply eliminate us without a moments notice.


To purchase the Iron Man image at the top of this page is quite simple.  This Timed Edition RUN will be available until Iron Man III is no longer #1 at US Box Offices at which time the edition will be closed forever.  Click HERE to purchase.

The rest of this year is pretty filled up for Bask. Follow him to see where he will be next and to stay up on new projects.

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