EXCLUSIVE!: Poster Posse Project #2: Paramount & J.J. Abram’s Sci-Fi Adventure – “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 12.23.15 PMEarlier this year Blurppy did it’s first exclusive artist project with the Poster Posse for the upcoming zombie apocalypse thriller, World War Z. (Click HERE to preview.)  8 artists, coined the “Poster Posse” gave their unique interpretations of the movie and it was a huge success and extremely well received.  As a result of the project one artist was asked to do a book cover for a reissue of a Max Brooks book, (article & contest to follow soon) and another artist was approached and sold their art to Paramount Studios.

-star-trek-into-darkness-jj-abrams-setThis time out, for our second artist project, we are embracing J.J. Abrams sci-fi follow up to 2009’s highly praised reboot of Star Trek with Star Trek: Into Darkness.  This film by Paramount should be one of the biggest movies of the year and with J.J. Abrams back at the helm, it’s bound to be a thrill ride of epic proportions.  We have some of the original members back providing their take as well as some newcomers.  This time around we are featuring the art of: Matt Ferguson, Paul Shipper, Marko Manev, Marie Bergeron, Adam Rabalais, Rodolfo Reyes, Johnny Dombrowski, Fernando Reza, Tim Anderson, Erin Gallagher, Joe Vetoe and Chris Garofalo.

Star Trek Into Darkness Matt FergusonMatt Ferguson: TWITTER, WEBSITE, TUMBLR, DEVIANTART

blurpps1[1]blurpps2[1]postcardfin1Matt Ferguson – Postcard Companion Piece #1

postcardfinMatt Ferguson – Postcard Companion Piece #2

Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_04aAdam Rabalais:  Deviantart, Twitter, Etsy Store

Star-Trek-final-for-web[1]Marie Bergeron:  Website, Twitter

Into Darkness Ver 2Marko Manev(Regular Blue Edition): Behance, Twitter, Website  

Into Darkness Ver 1Marko Manev – (Variant Red Edition)

JohnnyDombrowski_StarTrek[1]Johnny Dombrowski: Twitter, Website, Tumblr,

star trek art decoRodolfo Reyes: Twitter, DeviantART, Purchase

PrintFernando Reza: Twitter, Website

TAnderson-STIDTim Anderson: Twitter, Website

INTO-DARKNESS[1]Matt Needle: Twitter, Website

Star Trek Chris GarafaloChris Garofalo: Twitter, Website

Star Trek Final Joe VetoeJoe Vetoe – Regular Red Edition: Twitter, DeviantART

Star Trek Into Darkness Blue VariantJoe Vetoe – Variant Blue Edition:

IntoDarkness_FinalArt_TYPE_web[1]Erin Gallagher: Twitter, Website, Tumblr

StarTrek_INTODARKNESS_illo_FIN1_S_edit_72Paul Shipper: Twitter, Website

Blurppy would love to send a massive “THANK YOU” to the artists that participated this time around.  I STRONGLY encourage readers, fans, geeks and nerds to check out the links I have provided to each artist as their portfolios are as unique as they are impressive.  We will be featuring more interviews with these artists over the next week or so and try to let us know which print is your favorite down in the comments section below.


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56 Responses to EXCLUSIVE!: Poster Posse Project #2: Paramount & J.J. Abram’s Sci-Fi Adventure – “Star Trek Into Darkness”

  1. Yowzer! That’s a whole lotta awesome!!!


  2. mikey2ct says:

    WOW!!! What a great lineup!


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  5. great stuff from all artists involved


  6. Jim Napier says:

    Don, you know my thoughts on this. Love them.


  7. Rita Ariel says:

    Personally, I love Paul Shipper’s work- reminds me of the original Star Trek films but still feels modern. Its balanced, detailed, not too dramatic, but still eye catching and beautiful!


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  9. Mawazi says:

    Enjoyed them all, but I keep going back to Adam Rabalais’s. There is something quite compelling about it.


  10. Mawazi says:

    Adam Rabalais’s design is quite compelling, I find myself going back to it repeatedly. There is an elegant simplicity to it, while being thematically appropriate as well.


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  22. Dale Sexton says:

    AWESOME posters!! Thanks!!


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