“Final Frontier” A Stellar Art Show Tribute To Star Trek By Geek Art

bannerOne of my favorite sites on the web Geek Art is hosting an artshow tribute to Star Trek called “Final Frontier“.  The exhibit will run from June 3rd until June 30th and they have amassed a stellar line up of talent.

Andry Rajoelina - Shall We BeginAndy Rajoelina – Shall We Begin?

Marie Bergeron - Star Trek Into DarknessMarie Bergeron (Poster Posse Member) – Star Trek Into Darkness

Some of the artists that will be featured are Poster Posse members, Matt Ferguson, Marie Bergeron, Paul Shipper, and Sam Ho along with the talents of Andry Rajoelina, Boris, Lechaftois, Ian Wildling, JB Roux, Josh LN, Komboh, Nicolas Beaujouan, Patrick Connan, Ronan Toulhoat, Sublevel Studio and Yves jo Malgorn to name just a few.

Matt Ferguson - The CaptainMatt Ferguson (Poster Posse Member) – The Captain

Sam Ho - Borg QueenSam Ho (Poster Posse’s Newest Member) – Borg Queen

If you just happen to be in Paris during the month of June make your way over to the Last Bar Before The End Of The World to take in all the Trekkie Awesomeness.  I will update this article as more details are made available.  You can also head on over to the events FACEBOOK PAGE to get more info. For now, enjoy the art and book your ticket to the city of love and lights to see it firsthand.  Be sure to let us know which prints are your favorites down in the comments section below and check out the artists links to see more of their work.

Boris Lechaftois - Star TRek 2013Boris Lechaftois – Start Trek 2013

Ian Wildling - Live Long and ProsperIan Wildling – Live Long And Prosper

JB Roux - Star TrekJB Roux – Star Trek

Josh LN - Into DarknessJosh LN – Into Darkness

Patrick Connan - Into DarknessPatrick Connan – Into Darkness

Patrick Connan - The Future BeginsPatrick Connan – The Future Begins

Patrick Connan - Star TRekPatrick Connan – Star Trek

Nicolas Beaujouan - Into DarknessNicolas Beaujouan – Into Darkness

Nicolas Beaujouan - Space SeedNicolas Beaujouan –  Space Seed

Nicolas Beaujouan - Wrath Of KhanNicolas Beaujouan – Wrath of Khan

Nicolas Beaujouan - Minimal SpockNicolas Beaujouan – Minimal Spock

Nicolas Beaujouan - Minimal WrathNicolas Beaujouan – Minimal Wrath

??????????????Yves-Jo Malgorn – Uhura

PrintSublevel Studio – Wrath of Khan

Ronan Toulhoat - Star Trek UniverseRonan Toulhoat – Star Trek Universe

Paul Shipper - Star Trek OriginsPaul Shipper (Poster Posse Member) – Star Trek Origins

Star Trek Artshow FInal Frontier-2Nicolas Beaujauan – Final Frontier


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6 Responses to “Final Frontier” A Stellar Art Show Tribute To Star Trek By Geek Art

  1. Victor De Leon says:

    Amazing gallery!!! Thanks!


  2. John says:

    Sublevel misspelled Khan.


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