Artist Interview: Timothy Anderson – Never Leave Your Camera Unattended Around This Guy, You Never Know What Could Happen

Timothy Anderson is relatively new on the pop culture poster scene but upon seeing his work, I knew I wanted him on board the Poster Posse.  My first exposure to him was his phenomenal Star Wars series and I am really glad to say that he is back on board for BLURPPY’s third Poster Posse Project. Read below and see what he is all about and get your credit cards ready because you will most likely be hitting his store after you read this to pick up a few things.

ShelvedChildhood1Shelved Childhood – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – How long have you been creating art in the pop culture scene? How did you get started?

TAI’ve been doing alternative movie posters/illustrations for about a year now. It started when we rearranged our studio at work, and I found myself with a lot of empty wall space. I’d wanted a cool series of posters from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, but I couldn’t find any that really scratched that itch. Realizing that I myself am an illustrator, I took on the task myself and created a series of three posters for the film. Things kind of snowballed from there.

EcstasyOfGoldEcstasy of Gold Trilogy: Set of 3 – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – Damn, must be nice.  I want a Bugatti in my garage but I can’t build one.  I envy you being able to create that which you desire!  Is art your full time job?  If not, what else do you do?

TAI am very fortunate that art is my full time job. I work as a Concept Artist for Electronic Arts at our studio in Salt Lake City.

TAnderson-GladiatorMaskGladiator Mask – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – Whose work do you admire or collect?

TA –  Wow, that’s a tough one to narrow down, but I’m a huge fan of Tom Whalen, Kevin Tong, Tyler Stout, Bruce Yan, Steven Thomas… the list goes on… 

BLURPPY – I’m not familiar with Steven Thomas, I’ll check him out.  The others… I know REALLY well.   Thanks for the heads up on a new guy. What one print, by another artist, blows your mind?

TA –  The one print I want to get my hands on more than any other– my Holy Grail– would have to be Kevin Tong’s Iron Giant poster. I’ve only seen pictures online, and it is a work of glory. 

Kevin-Tong-iron-giantIron Giant – Kevin Tong

BLURPPY – Ya gotta reach out and see if he would be willing to do a poster swap with you.  “Birds of a feather” ya know?  Hey, it worked for Ferguson with Shipper so who knows?  With so much art being produced these days, how do you keep things fresh? (This is NOT a hygiene question.)

TAI try not to worry myself too much about being “fresh,” but instead just try to create pieces that excite me and keep me interested enough to spend my spare time on them. There are quite a few pieces that I’ve begun and lost interest in, because they bored me visually. And I usually get bored with them because they have lost that “freshness,” if that makes sense. 

-0-GuerreStellari-2ndEd-24x36Guerre Stellari (Star Wars) – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – Hmmmm… you should have a section of your site dedicated to “abandoned projects”.  You never know how others will react to them. Besides working on BLURPPY’s Poster Posse Exclusive, what is your dream project?

TA –  Again, I’m very fortunate that I have a full-time job as a Concept Artist and I am able to create my pop culture posters and illustrations in my spare time. For me, working on these personal pieces is my dream project. I don’t have to answer to art directors or committees of producers. I can succeed or fail solely on my own merits, and that freedom and personal responsibility is liberating to me.

 Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.10.44 PMStar Wars Classic Trilogy Set – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – Yeah, the man will always hold you down!  Stick it to him, never let him… sorry, got caught up on the fervor there for a moment.  You are in a great position being your own boss but if JJ Abrams calls and wants you to do his next Star Wars poster, I bet you would make an exception right?  If you weren’t creating highly desirable works of art for adoring fans, what else would you do?

TAThat’s another tough one… I studied so many different things in college before I realized that I loved making art and wanted to pursue a career in illustration. In that process I eliminated a lot of things from my “what else” list, haha. They were all things I enjoyed but nothing into which I felt I could pour myself 100%. I honestly can’t think of anything that comes in as a close second to doing what I do now.

AlienPulp-webAlien Pulp – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – What movies are you excited to see this year?

TAI’m a big sci-fi fan, and this year is shaping up to be a good one. Star Trek: Into Darkness, of course looks fantastic. Pacific Rim looks just crazy-go-nuts over the top. Elysium looks great, too. 

IntoDarkness-FullStar Trek Into Darkness (Poster Posse Print) – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – You’ve picked some good ones there… but no Despicable Me 2?  What is your favorite print from your portfolio and why?

TAI feel like each piece represents a step forward for me, so it’s hard to choose one based on that criteria, but I’d have to say that my Blade Runner Pulp Cover is one of my favorites. The process of creating it was a balance of pushing myself into new territory skill-wise– so getting outside of my comfort zone– and letting the piece flow from my mind to the “canvas.” It was neither too easy nor too much of a struggle to create, so it was very satisfying to complete.

BladeRunnerPulp-webBlade Runner Pulp Cover – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – Kuddos on making Rachael so sexy.  What’s your biggest pet peeve about the pop culture art scene?

TAHonestly, my biggest pet peeve is people having pet peeves about the pop culture art scene. There’s a trend these days– and maybe I’m more sensitive to it, since I’m so relatively new to the scene– to denigrate newcomers and have kind of an “I-was-here-first” mentality, as if anything in pop culture has a purity that is tainted by more people participating in it. I don’t mean to say that all art these days is of equal aesthetic value, but there is still and always will be amazing new art, and some crappy ones here and there do nothing to lower the quality of the finest work. 

BLURPPY – That is one thing that truly appeals to me about the Poster Posse.  All of you guys are extremely supportive of each other.  It’s very refreshing. What has been your best experience to date, in the pop culture art scene?

TAnderson-PWBigAdventureThe Best Bike In The World – Timothy Anderson

TAI have had a great time getting to know and correspond with some of my favorite artists as I’ve been invited to participate in various shows and galleries. Meeting other artists with similar sensibilities and interests in pop culture, being on the inside of so many shared pop culture “in jokes,” is a lot of fun.

BLURPPY – What was your most embarrassing moment?

TADuring my freshman year of college some friends and I once found a camera someone had left in our dorm’s common room and decided to prank the owner by mooning the camera and taking a picture, not knowing who owned the camera. I found out a week or two later that it belonged to a female friend of ours when she confronted me with the developed photos, having identified us by a T-shirt I was wearing in the photo. It was pretty awkward.

TAnderson-Incredibles_1024x1024The Incredibles – Timothy Anderson

BLURPPY – CLASSIC!  Nice one!  What is the best interview question you’ve ever been asked and what was your answer?

TAProbably this one, because it made me think harder than any of the others, haha. I can’t say I’ve ever been blown away by an interview question before, but I look forward one day to having a really good answer for this.

BLURPPY – I’ll have to come up with something that references the time-space continuum and alternate realities. Maybe that will do the trick. What do you have on tap for the rest of 2013 and don’t give us that line, “Lots of stuff , just can’t talk  about it yet

TAI had a couple of pieces in Hero Complex Gallery’s “Arch Nemesis” show and I’ll be participating in a couple of shows with Ltd. Art Gallery, and Hero Complex Gallery throughout the year. I also hope to do some more posters just for my own fun. Any vagueness on my part with this answer is simply because I haven’t planned anything specific past the next few weeks, haha.

TAnderson-Yavin-ExclusiveThe Battle Of Yavin: Exclusive Set of 3 – Timothy Anderson

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with “winging it.”  Ok, here are 10 quick questions…GO!

-DC or Marvel?


-Most Desired Super Power?

– This is so cliche, but flight would be awesome. 

-Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

– Classic Trilogy Darth Vader. Before the prequels turned him into a whiny little pantywaist, he was super bad-ass. He was so physically unreadable that you had no idea what he was thinking, and he was always on the cusp of choking people to death with his freaking mind.

-Best movie snack?

– Milk Duds. They take so long to chew that a box will last almost an entire movie. 

– Growing up, what was your favorite TV show?

– That would probably be a three-way tie between Transformers, Thundercats, and He-Man (Masters of the Universe)

– What’s the best way for fans to keep up with all you have going on?

I most often post updates on FACEBOOK and TWITTER 

– What’s your favorite pop culture event?

– I’d have to say watching the Academy Awards show. My family always makes a special effort to watch as many of the nominees as possible, and my mom and sister go nuts coming up with pun-based foods for their party (which I have to admire from afar, since they live on the East Coast).

– Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and why? (Can be comic books, movies, literature, etc)

Indiana Jones. Those three movies were my lifeblood as a kid, and I spent so many hours playing Indiana Jones in the backyard. There’s just something about the charm and humor of those movies, in addition to the fact that although he always wins in the end, Indy gets the crap kicked out of him every time.

– Happy or leery about JJ Abrams directing the next Star Wars?

I’m automatically leery now about anything new relating to Star Wars, but I’m cautiously optimistic about Abrams’ take on it. I’m a big fan of his work, and I feel like he has the grasp on character and storytelling that Star Wars films have been lacking in the last few decades.

– Would you rather design the poster for an upcoming Star Wars movie or the upcoming Blade Runner sequel?

– Star Wars movie for sure. Nothing good can come of a Blade Runner sequel, and I kind of hope that dies out. I mean no offense to those involved in the project; I just don’t think Blade Runner needs a sequel, and I doubt anything new will add anything of significance to the legacy of the original movie.

Blurppy would like to thank Timothy for taking the time to participate in our second Poster Posse Project and we are REALLY looking forward to his contribution for our third project.  It sounds like he is really excited about it as well…wait…did I just say too much?


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