IDW Limited Announces A Fantastic, Rare “Mars Attacks” Limited Edition

Mars-AttacksIDW Limited continues to awe collectors with an incredible assortment of collectible editions.  Today they announced their next must-have hardcover: “Mars Attacks: Attack from Space Limited-Edition Hardcover.” The book beautifully collects the first five issues of the popular IDW comic series. Drawing on the rich card-based history by Topps, each of these highly collectible and rare books will be paired with hand-drawn sketch cards from a wide variety of artists, ranging from fine-art gallery painters to comic-book and trading-card artists. All of the sketch cards are official Mars Attacks sketch cards provided by Topps, and foil stamped exclusively for this limited-edition release.

MA-IDW-Dastick-LastSupperMA-IDW-Dastick-AbbeyRdThe new Mars Attacks comic has been an absolute blast!” says IDW Limited director Jerry Bennington. “And when we started designs for the limited edition, we wanted to make sure we celebrated not just the IDW comic, but the roots of the series as well. To us, that meant we had to do sketch cards, and we had to do them right.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.01.58 AMWorking closely with Topps, IDW Limited has selected a wide variety of top creative talent to provide original, hand-illustrated as well as hand-painted sketch-card art for this special edition. Ranging in diverse style and background, the group assembled for this book is unrivaled in experience and talent. From series artist John McCrea to alternative gallery painter Apricot Mantle to popular trading-card artist Nar!, each participant brings a unique view and twist to the Mars Attacks universe.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.03.18 AMI grew up drawing ‘Mars Attacks my school’ on the back of my bio homework ,” says gallery artist Apricot Mantle. “To have the chance to be a part of this book, it’s almost unbelievable. I can’t wait for people to see what I have planned.

The roster of artists selected for the first volume includes:

Jason Adams, Ted Dastick, Alex Deligiannis, Charles Hall, Dan Duncan, Dan Harding, Gary Kezele, Miran Kim, Apricot Mantle, Chris Mason, John McCrea, Nar!, Sean Pence, Tim Proctor, Eric Talbot, Chris Uminga, George Webber, Jeff Zapata

DanHardingAThe book will be released in both Red and Blue Label offerings, with each edition being signed by the creative team of John Layman and John McCrea, housed in a custom-built tray case and paired with hand-drawn cards. Red Label books (250 total) will include one sketch card, while each Blue Label edition (50 total) will be packaged with a four-card puzzle-set.

Miran Kim_H&G-a_mars-attacks-finished-art

RED LABEL DETAILS – 124 pages; 11” x 7.3”; hardcover- $125:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.55.19 AM

MARS ATTACKS: Attack from Space Deluxe Hardcover

  • Each book is signed by John Layman & John McCrea
  • Exclusive case and cover, only available through this release
  • Hand-drawn sketch card in each book
  • Only 250 copies made

BLUE LABEL DETAILS – 124 pages; 11” x 7.3”; hardcover – $400:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.58.19 AMMARS ATTACKS: Attack from Space Deluxe Hardcover

  • Each book is signed by John Layman & John McCrea
  • Exclusive case and cover, only available through this release
  • Hand-drawn 4 sketch card puzzle-set in each book
  • Only 50 copies made

These editions are now available for pre-order HERE!


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