Paramount’s New “World War Z” Banners Show Us That Nowhere Is Safe…Nowhere…

World-War-Z-bannerDespite rumors of discontent, rewrites etc., I am REALLY excited to see World War Z.  It violently collides my two most irrational fears, being chased and zombies into one epic tale of horror and despair.  That being said, I will be at the very first showing on opening day, Paramount has just released 6 new banners that show the massive global dilemma  that Pitt faces and it ain’t pretty. Take a look below to see these banners which feature 6 major cities around the world being laid to waste by the crushing zombie pandemic.


Marko-Manev-World-War-ZPoster Posse – Marko Manev

Earlier this year BLURPPY commissioned 8 artists, (the original 8 members of the Poster PosseTracie Ching, Midnight Marauder, Marko Manev, Chris Garofalo, Marie Bergeron, Adam Rabalais, David Moscati and Matt Ferguson) to come up with their own versions of movie posters for World War Z.  I have included these as well for your viewing pleasure.


World-War-Z-Marko-ManevPoster Posse – Marko Manev

World War Z tells the story of United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) as he traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies, governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself.  Based off the best selling novel by Max Brooks the movie is directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad PittMireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox and David Morse.  World War Z ravages theaters on June 21st.


World-War-Z-Midnight-MarauderPoster Posse – Midnight Marauder

Mexico-City-world-war-z-postersMexico City

World-War-Z-Chris-GarofaloPoster Posse – Chris Garofalo


World-War-Z-Adam-RabalaisPoster Posse – Adam Rabalais

New-York-City-world-war-z-postersNew York City

World-War-Z-Marie-BergeronPoster Posse – Marie Bergeron


World-War-Z-Dave-MoscattiPoster Posse – David Moscati


World-War-Z-Matt-FergusonPoster Posse – Matt Ferguson



Poster Posse – Matt Ferguson


World-War-Z-Tracie-ChingPoster Posse – Tracie Ching

Sit back, relax and watch how hellish things will get when the zombies come.  Oh you laugh but they are coming…they are coming…


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