Mondo And Francesco Francavilla Are Bringing An Incredible, Rare “Black Beetle” Print To HeroesCon

Fans of comics know and love the work of Italian comic book guru, Francesco Francavilla.  The award-winning & NY Times Best Selling Creator, Comicbook Artist, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator has a flair for the ‘pulp’ side of things and it’s highly evident in his own series, The Black Beetle.

The-Black-BeetleThe comic is published by Dark Horse Comics and features the mysterious pulp/noir crime fighter The Black Beetle who is on a personal mission to clean up Colt city.  Now Francesco and Mondo have joined forces for what I hope is a looooooong relationship.  This weekend, at HeroesCon in North Carolina, the extremely limited variant edition will go on sale. Fans fortunate enough to attend the show will rejoice as Francavilla will be present signing autographs!

blackbeetlevariantTITLE: The Black Beetle – Variant Edition
ARTIST: Francesco Francavilla
SIZE: 24″ x 36″
PRICE: $75

Here is what Francesco had to say about the collaboration.  “I’ve been a huge fan of Mondo for a while, and I’ve recently become one of their poster artists (which brings me joy all the time), so you can only imagine how happy I was when I heard that they were a big fan of my creation, The Black Beetle.  From there it didn’t take too long to get to the poster you see here. Hopefully it’s just the first of many. Hope you guys enjoy the poster and consider jumping on the books as well: they are what comics should be: 100% entertainment and FUN! Thanks again, Mondo, for making this happen.”

blackbeetleregularTITLE: The Black Beetle – Regular edition

ARITST: Francesco Francavilla

SIZE: 24″ x 36″


PRICE: $55 

This regular edition will go on sale later over on Mondo’s website.  Simply follow Francavilla and Mondo on Twitter to find out when the regular edition print will be available.  Keep your fingers crossed, get your lucky charm and say your prayers because these will go extremely fast.

After the awesome Batman 1972 image is Mondo’s official press release announcing this incredible project.  I’m truly hoping they tackle Francesco’s 1970’s stylized Batman at some point as I feel there is a ton of great images suitable for framing.

batman_1972b_lowThe Black Beetle is centered on a pulp-noir character and takes place in a fictional universe that’s based in Colt City. The character debuted on the pages of Pulp Sunday, Francesco Francavilla’s blog devoted to all things pulp, and had a brief life as webcomic before stepping in the print world with an ashcan first, and on the pages of Dark Horse Presents anthology later. Francesco quickly realized that many fans were interested in exploring this world with him, so soon after the short run in DHP, a new 4-issue mini – titled “NO WAY OUT” – was released. The first 2 issues have sold out and have required DH to go back to press for a second printing.

BlackBeetle_NoWayOut4With issue 4 coming out next week and with the first hardcover volume – also titled “NO WAY OUT” – available for pre-orders right now, there is no better time to jump on board of the fantastic adventures of The Black Beetle.

The Black Beetle is a Detective/Vigilante SuperHero – His mission is to fight crime in Colt City. We don’t know who he is, not yet anyway. We do know that he has access to some advantaged technology and that he is patrolling the city streets and protecting the citizens the best he can. He is –after all- one man. Colt City is a fictional city set in the late ’40s America on the East Coast and has a very “pulp” vibe to the city’s depiction and inhabitants.

You can check out more extraordinary art from Francesco via his official website, The Black Beetle official blog and Pulp Sunday blog.


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