Gerard Way’s “Kingdom Of The Mad” Is The Batman Comic I Have Been Waiting For

I have been a fan of Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader for many years now. From Frank Miller’s groundbreaking storyline in The Dark Knight Returns to Scott Snyder’s The Court Of Owls the masked detective has always appealed to me.  Billionaire playboy, double life, incredible gadgets and vehicles, unmatched powers of deduction, the ultimate man-cave and more!

kingdomofthemad(Approved cover art for Vertigo limited series…that never got finished!)

I’ve always thought that there was a much darker and demented side to the story for the character that was never portrayed.  I mean, the guy watched his parents get gunned down right in front of him as a child, he fell in a hole as a child and was stricken with horror by millions of swarming bats, his crime fighting sidekick has been murdered…more then once and a plethora of other dismal happenings throughout his life/ career.

Becky-Cloonan-KilljoysWell I just may get my wish if Gerard Way ever get’s his story to see the light of day.  Some may recognize Way as the frontman to the now defunct rock group My Chemical Romance.  Others may know him from his Dark Horse comics, “Umbrella Academy” and “True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” the second of which he wrote with Shaun Simon featuring art by Becky Cloonan. (Universal Studios has already optioned Umbrella Academy for a movie.)

-0-Gerard-Way-batmanApparently Way has a Batman story rattling around in his head that will most likely blow the minds of Dark Knight fans worldwide.  Not only that but DC / Vertigo had at one point agreed to let him bring his warped story entitled, “Batman Kingdom of the Mad” to the masses.  What’s keeping it from happening you ask?  Gerard is too busy to finalize it!  Let me just throw this out there to Mr Way….drop all your other projects, commit to this one and gett’er done!

Gerard-Way-RobinHere are just a few of the changes Gerard has in store for one of DC’s most beloved characters of all-time.  Purist be warned…this is NOT the Batman you know and love BUT… it could become your newest obsession.

  • He only eats rats
  • There is a drawing of a magical kingdom inside his cape that is his version of Heaven
  • He has ESP
  • He can turn into a bat
  • He can see into the future
  • The Joker is 19 years old – (1 to 2 years younger than Robin)
  • Mr Freeze dresses up as his dead wife in a suit made from the metal of the car crash that killed her.
  • The Riddler has a mask that covers his full head like a bag


-Gerard-Way-BatmanMy fingers are crossed that Gerard finds the time to make this happen.  From what I have seen I think it would be fantastic.  Follow Gerard Way on TWITTER for updates on this and more.



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3 Responses to Gerard Way’s “Kingdom Of The Mad” Is The Batman Comic I Have Been Waiting For

  1. i think it looks badass, the way batman is supposed to look


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