Check Out An All New Daft Punk Piece Plus Some Other Goodies By Self Taught Artist Linda Hordijk

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Daft Punk

A few days ago I received an e-mail from an artist named Linda Hordijk, talking about a new Daft Punk piece she had just completed.  At first I wasn’t quite sure who she was but the name sounded familiar, I loved the piece, so I did a little research.  Low and behold, I had just seen some of her work close-up at Hero Complex Gallery for their incredible Arch Nemesis show they have going on.

After I made the connection I knew I had to share her stuff with you.  I immediately reached out to her to get a little background and here is what she had to say.

rearwindowTribute To Hitchcock – Rear Window

Well, where shall I start? OK, so I am a 31 year old designer living in the Netherlands. I am basically a self taught designer. I learned everything I needed to know about graphic design through the world wide web. I studied lots of online tutorials and followed a couple of design classes.

My first graphic design job I received was a couple of years ago while working in an art department team on a Dutch TV series. I was responsible for designing all the graphic props. Nowadays I am still designing graphic props for multiple TV series and movies. I love doing it!

But now I am also getting more and more into the underground movie poster design. That is creating my own art, visualizing that what comes from within. I designed my first poster in December 2011 and that was my Tribute To Kubrick poster series.

Linda-hordijk-shiningTribute To Kubrick Series – The Shining

Lolita01Tribute To Kubrick Series – Lolita

Poster02Tribute To Kubrick Series – Full Metal Jacket

When I put that poster series online, I instantly received great response from people all around the world! Especially my version of The Shining was becoming a big hit. I designed 2 more posters (Marie Antoinette & Looper), but I was very busy working on TV series that creating my own material slowed down a bit.

marieantoinetteMarie Antoinette


But at the beginning of 2013 I decided to invest in myself and create more time to design my own posters. And I must say it was a wise shift, I love it! The exhibition at HCG was my very first exhibition and it has been a pleasure working with these awesome people (Adam & Shoua). I can tell you now that I will be collaborating with them again in the very near future. Also my Marie Antoinette poster will be featured in a book written by Matthew Chojnacki about Alternative Movie Posters. A lot of other great artists are featured in that book and I am honored to be a part of it. This book will be released at Amazon in October 2013 and it can be preordered HERE.


Kill Bill (Linda’s piece for the Arch Nemesis Show at Hero Complex Gallery)

My Daft Punk poster is my very first music poster. I always designed movie posters, but I had the desire to use other art forms as a source of inspiration so I expanded my scope toward music. For a while I did not have a very exact artist , song or album in mind that would be the base of my first music inspired design. That was until I listened the new Daft Punk album: ‘Random Access Memories’. Instantly this is one of my favorite albums, it blew me away. I listen to it 24/7 on Spotify. The album just keeps getting better and better. Because I listened to it so much, I felt really inspired to pay tribute to Daft Punk. That’s why I designed this poster, which I think would also be a great wallpaper on your desktop. That’s why it is also downloadable as a wallpaper through my website.

Head over to her SHOP to see what she has to offer, LIKE her on FACEBOOK and be sure to head to her WEBSITE to see everything she has done.  I have a feeling you will be seeing more and more of her work.


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