Artist PJ McQuade Mashes Up Two Pop Culture Icons For One Great Print

What happens when you take a popular sideburned character from a 1975 classic movie and combine him with an equally popular sideburned superhero from comic books?  Well you get a Quint-Wolverine mashup of course.

Quint-Jaws-Wolverine-Xmen-cover-by-PJ-McQuade-113″ x 19″
Full bleed giclée print
Chromolife 100 Archival Inks
Hand signed and Dated

Yesterday we showed you Matt Ferguson’s print from the upcoming Poster Posse Project for Pacific Rim.  It was EXTREMELY popular on the internets and was picked up by several sites.  It mashed up the 1975 Spielberg classic film Jaws with the 2013, soon to be massive, Guillermo del Toro film, Pacific Rim. (Click HERE to see that impressive piece of art.)

Artist PJ McQuade has an affinity towards facial hair, more specifically sideburns, because he has taken two well known characters and mashed them up into one insane combination.  Here is what he had to say about the project.

“Whenever I watch Jaws I am always struck by how dope Quint’s sideburns are. He really rocks the stuffing out of them. Always made me think of another famous fictional fella with killer burns – Wolverine! So I thought what if Quint was actually a mutant, had a healing factor and an Adamantium skeleton with killer claws. He’d slash his way out Jaw’s belly, emerged from the blood reborn, ready to take the high seas by storm. I designed it as a comic book cover, an homage to Wolverine #1. At last – in his own monthly series! You know him, know what he does for a livin’ – SNIKT!”

-0The print was originally created for the MF Gallery’s 10th Anniversary show this past weekend. It is now available as a 8.5 x 11” or 13 x 19” giclée print through PJ’s online store.  As an added bonus, PJ is including a free 3 x 5″ waterproof Quint head sticker with every print sold.

You can follow PJ to get updates on new releases and upcoming shows by heading over to his WEBSITE or follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.


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