Move Over JARVIS, Leap Motion Is Coming July 22nd And Even Tony Stark Wants One

leap-motion-2If you marveled at the tech Tom Cruise used in Minority Report or were blown away by the world of JARVIS created by Tony Stark in the Iron Man series then you are in for a treat.  XBOX KINECT uses the technology brilliantly and now LEAP MOTION will allow you to interact with your computer like never before and after you watch these videos, I have a feeling that you will be saying, “July 22nd can’t get here soon enough.”

Now before you guffaw and brush this off as a gimmicky app or lame gadget, you are wrong.  With the Leap Motion Controller your hand and finger gestures control your computer  in three-dimensional space.  Leap motion is an impressive new 3D motion control system that is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market.  Pretty bold statement but again…watch the videos, you be the judge.

You can preorder your slice of the future HERE and at only $79.99, I have a feeling it will be the best $80 you spend all year.  You can follow Leap Motion on TWITTER for updates on this amazing new product.


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2 Responses to Move Over JARVIS, Leap Motion Is Coming July 22nd And Even Tony Stark Wants One

  1. Gina D says:

    This looks really cool but I have to wonder if in practice it will actually be more responsive/quicker than a mouse, or touchpad, is. To me the usefulness of technology like this, when I’ve seen it sci fi films or video games, is that the images/screen itself is able to exist in a 3 dimensional space and be manipulated and adjusted by the users off of or without the use of a screen. Without that this seems like a nice novelty without much practical use to justify the change for most users.

    Like as an uber nerd I would totally consider buying this. As a broke college student I probably wouldn’t get very far past considering.


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