EXCLUSIVE!: Poster Posse Project #3: Warner Bros & Guillermo del Toro’s Robots VS Monsters, Sci-Fi Action Flick – “Pacific Rim” – Phase 1

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.58.24 AMSo far this year Blurppy has had 2 Poster Posse Projects. The first was for World War Z and the second was for Star Trek Into Darkness.  For our third project I knew we HAD to tackle Guillermo del Toro’s, Pacific Rim.”  The sheer size and scale of the robots and monsters along with Toro’s amazing vision made Pacific Rim a no-brainer.

Guillermo-del-ToroOne thing I didn’t anticipate was the eagerness of artists to participate in this project.  For World War Z we had 8 artists, (AKA “The First Eight“).  For Star Trek Into Darkness we had 12 artists participate.  For this latest project/ Pacific Rim we have art from 24+ artists!

It also seems fans are eager to see some incredible fan art for the film as well.  When we released a teaser image by Matt Ferguson, the image/ article garnered almost 18K unique views and that was just from OUR site.  The image was immediately picked up by numerous sites which proves, fans love robots fighting monsters, (and Matt’s art as well.)pacificjawsweb_FINAL[2]Matt Ferguson – Website, Twitter

Given the size of this project we are going to release the art differently and do it over 2 days.  Today’s installment being the first and tomorrow’s offering being the remainder of the awesomeness.  (Tomorrow’s article will also drop at 9 AM PST so be sure to come back and bask in more Pacific Rim Fan Art to get you even more hyped for the movie that opens Friday, July 12th.)

Pacific Rim - TWRichard Davies – Twitter, Website

Pacific-Rim-Ben-WhitesellBen Whitesell – Twitter, Website

Ben-Whitesell-Pacific-Rim-Detail1Ben Whitesell Detail #1

Ben-Whitesell-Pacific-Rim-Detail2Ben Whitesell Detail #2

Ben-Whitesell-Pacific-Rim-Detail3Ben Whitesell Detail #3

PR1-doalyDoaly (Image #1) – Twitter, Website

PR2-doalyDoaly (Image #2)

PR3-alt-doalyDoaly (Image #3)

Pacific Rim - Sharm Murugiah Blurbby 24 x 36[1]Sharm Murugiah – Twitter, Website

Japanese translation –

“KAIJU WARNING: Seismic activity around The Breach. Prepare for battle.”

pacific_rim_Final_blurppy_p_ainsworthPaul Ainsworth – Website, Twitter

Pacific Rim(Green) Final v2Joe Vetoe – DeviantArt, Twitter

PACIFICRIM high resBen Mcleod – Tumblr, Twitter

pacificrim_poster_berkaydaglar  2Berkay Daglar – Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook

JohnnyDombrowski_PacificRim[1]Johnny Dombrowski – Twitter, Website

JohnnyDombrowski_PacificRimBW[1]Johnny Dombrowski – (Black & White Variant)

Pacific Rim Poster05webLinda Hordijk – Website

PacificRim_HiRESLuke Butland – Twitter, Website

Orange[2]Mat Weller – Twitter, Website

So there you have it, part 1 of Poster Posse Project #3 is officially live.  I have included links to each of these talented artists so that you can seek out more info on them, see their  glorious portfolios and follow them, hire them, recruit them for your next gallery show or reach out to them to just say, “I LOVED your Pac Rim stuff on BLURPPY!”

Be sure to come BACK to BLURPPY tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2nd at 9 am PST for another batch of incredible art from some truly gifted artists like Paul Shipper, Marie Bergeron, Matt Ferguson, Adam Rabalais, Erin Gallagher, Patrick Connan,  Marko Manev, Matt Needle, Peter Gutierrez, Rodolfo Reyes, Samuel Ho, Tim Anderson, Nick Comparone and Jonathan Santoro.


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