Geek Art Opens A Brand New Online Store PACKED WIth Stuff You Just Gotta Have

Thomas Oliviri is on a mission very similar to BLURPPY, to share as much awesomeness as he can.  His method, a fantastic site called Geek Art.  As the name suggests, Thomas focuses his attention on artists, illustrators, graphic designers and such with a penchant for the “geek side” of things.Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 11.01.05 PM

He has JUST revamped his online store and it is chock FULL of brand new, limited edition art and design just ripe for the purchase.  (Look closely, you will absolutely see some stuff from The Poster Posse.)  Here is his official announcement along with some images of things that are in the store right now….

Marie Bergeron - Star Trek Into DarknessMarie Bergeron – Star Trek Into Darkness

Here we go ! You can now order some exclusive and limited print on the brand new Geek-Art online Store ! A store that is now clearer and neater, with new prices, new papers, new sizes: the Geek-Art Store allows everyone to get a hand on some fine Geek-Art. You will find all the prints from the previous artshows, exclusive art from artists I love, and even unique prestigious pieces of art. 

We have now new prices and new sizes. The new prints on the store will be available in two editions :

– Deluxe Edition : Size 50x70cm (or 50x50cm for the square prints), printed on fine art paper (300g). Those prints are ultra limited: only 20 pieces, numbered and stamped with the new Geek-Art Store logo on the back, shipped with an official Geek-Art certificate of authenticity. 81 euros. -AKIRA-Matt-Ferguson

Matt Ferguson – Akira

Classic Edition: size 60x40cm (or 32x32cm for the square prints), printed on 300g card. Limited to 50 pieces, numbered and stamped with the new Geek-Art Store logo on the back. 40 euros.

Andry_Rajoelina_-_BatdadAndry Rajoelina – Batdad

To celebrate the new store, you will find Andry Rajoelina‘s special store, with his Super Families series, but also the Ice&Fire artshow prints, at last available ! And, as a new surprise, the 3 Lord of the Rings posters by Patrick Connan, now in Deluxe and Classic version ! Please keep in mind that all those prints are ultra limited editions, and will not be reprinted once they’re sold out… Now ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy !Patrick-Connan

Patrick Connan – The Two Towers


Ronan Toulhoat – Dead Space II

Follow GEEK ART on TWITTER for updates about new releases and shows.


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