EXCLUSIVE!: Poster Posse Project #3: Warner Bros & Guillermo del Toro’s Robots VS Monsters, Sci-Fi Action Flick – “Pacific Rim” – Phase 2

BLURPPY-EXCLUSIVEWell, as promised, it’s 9am and here is your second dose, Phase 2, of some powerful Pacific Rim prints from a slew of today’s best artists.  Yesterday’s reveal was a massive success and the feedback from fans was outstanding.

I am highly confident that we are ending this project on a high note today.  Soak it in people, and remember, GO BIG OR GO EXTINCT!  Pacific Rim from Warner Bros and Legendary crashes into theaters on Friday, July 12th!  I will be at the IMAX screening with my Junior Mints first thing that day, what about you?


Marie Bergeron – Twitter, TUMBLR


Doaly – Twitter, Website


Matt Ferguson – Twitter, Website




Matt Needle – Twitter, Website




Patrick Connan – Twitter, Website

Patrick-Connan-PACIFIC RIM_JAEGERPatrick Connan

PacificRim_Final_web_1000Erin Gallagher – Twitter, Website


Peter Gutierrez – Twitter, Behance


Peter Gutierrez – Detail #1


Peter Gutierrez – Detail #2


Peter Gutierrez – Detail #3

pacific rim poster proyect

Rodolfo Reyes – Twitter


Samuel Ho – Twitter, TUMBLR


Samuel Ho


Tim Anderson – Twitter, Website

I asked Tim for a translation for his poster and this is what he had to say:  “Most of it comes from the official Japanese poster. The big red letters at the bottom say “Pacific Rim” and according to a Japanese-speaking friend of mine, the yellow characters on the left translate most closely to “This giant soldier is Mankind’s last hope.” The text running vertically on the bottom right says “Anderson,” and the characters in the circle in the bottom left are just a stylized T and A, my initials. The credit block under the title is exactly as it appears on the official Japanese posters for the film. I’ve attached an image of the text on the original poster for comparison. (See below)

ありがとう Tim…ありがとう


Pacific Rim - Poster Illo_FIN_S_TEXT_web[1]

Paul Shipper – Twitter, Website

pacificrim2PrintFernando Reza – Twitter, Website

There you have it folks.  Poster Posse Project #3 is a wrap.  Now that you have seen ALL the images, which ones were your favorite?  PLEASE leave a comment below and be sure to stop by these artists’ websites and tell them how much you loved their work on TWITTER.  Tell them BLURPPY sent you. (Again, it won’t garner you anything special BUT it will make MY day.)  HUGE thank you to all the amazing talent that showed up for this one.  Your work and enthusiasm inspire me every single day.  I absolutely LOVE spreading your work amongst the masses.

OH, if anyone has suggestions on what I should tackle for Poster Posse #4…leave that in the comments section as well.Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.58.24 AM


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40 Responses to EXCLUSIVE!: Poster Posse Project #3: Warner Bros & Guillermo del Toro’s Robots VS Monsters, Sci-Fi Action Flick – “Pacific Rim” – Phase 2

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  4. Spartacus says:

    I want to say how awesome all this art is!… WoW and WoW!…. Great work putting this together!

    My question is how can we buy all these fantastic art pieces?


    • blurppy says:

      Unfortunately these pieces are just fan art. Now…if the STUDIO wants to buy them FROM the artists THEN they will be available….hint hint, forward the article to the studio and folks in the movie and tell them how much you want these. You NEVER know…


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  12. Saif Ahmed says:

    i think the next blurppy’s #PosterPosse 4 must be sir peter jacksons lord of the rings trilogymovies and #PosterPosse 5 must be the hobbit trilogy movies… plz blurppy do consider these two.


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    • blurppy says:

      We appreciate your sharing our Pacific Rim Project! Now go check out our projects for World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness for more awesome prints!


  21. tejnoor says:

    I loooove the Paul Shipper one.


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