Artist Sam Gilbey Gives Us A Great Superman Print AND Tells You 25 Things You May Not Have Known About The Man Of Steel


Sam Gilbey is an illustrator and his distinctive observational illustrations and portraits, painted digitally by hand, are inspired by a lifelong passion for popular culture. (Hmmm…sounds JUST like someone I know, minus the artistic ability.)

He’s a talented bloke who has been commissioned by clients that include Aardman, Activision, Edgar Wright, Hammer and Tongs, Manga UK, MGM HD, Picturehouse Cinemas, Revolver UK, Playstation, Tiger Aspect Productions, Twitter, Vertigo Films, Virgin Media, Virgin Movies, Wired and Working Title.

Now, he has set his talents upon Krypton’s favorite son, Kal-El.  He has taken the emotional fan-favorite, Christopher Reeve, paired him with Brandon Routh who was slightly less of a fan favorite and added in the newest actor to don the tights, Henry Cavill. Included with the great image he has included 25 fun facts that many fans may not know about the brother from another.


Here is what Sam had to say about the print.

Superman: The Movie was released the year after I was born. Yep, I’m ‘old’! I don’t think I saw it until I was five or six, but growing up, along with Star Wars, the Christopher Reeve movies were my absolute favorite things. It was only much later that I learned about Donner getting fired before having chance to finish the sequel, Lester taking over and exploring a more comedic direction, and so on. As a child, all I knew was that Christopher Reeve was the absolute embodiment of the character to me, even as the budgets (and literally the sets) began to crumble around him. The power of that first film always stayed with me.

I know Superman Returns has plenty of critics, and I guess I’m as sentimental about the original as Bryan Singer must have been, but I enjoyed the fact that it paid homage to Donner and Reeve, and felt it was a shame that Brandon Routh didn’t get to have another shot at the role.

Cut to 2013, and my own son was born in January. I really hope that Man of Steel will be a fitting (new) tale for my son’s generation, as I honestly feel that the world is better off with Superman in it.

Anyway, with bringing the nostalgic waffle to an end (!), it was a pleasure to create this for Virgin Movies, probably 30 years after I first drew the character…

See how many of these rare facts YOU know and then head over to Sam’s Society6 store to see and buy more of his art.


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