Artist Khoa Ho Is Back, This Time He Brings Us “Superheroes: Past/Present”

Wolverine-khoa-hoLast month we shared artist Khoa Ho’s unique visions of Pixar’s Toy Story.  Fans loved it as much as we did so we KNEW we had to share his latest project with you.  The new collection is called “Superheroes: Past/ Present”  The project takes a minimalist approach to some of comic book’s biggest superheroes and shows them silhouetted with a key point in their past silhouetted below.

Batman-khoa-ho “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you” – Batman Begins

Khoa tackles both DC and Marvel heroes with Batman, Superman, The Flash, Spiderman, Iron Man and Wolverine taking center stage.  Here is what Khoa said about the project over on his BEHANCE page.

“Everyone has a memory, a past. It’s the driving force behind all of our actions for our present, our future.

In this poster series I took a dive into the origins of these individuals and who they were before they became superheroes to remind us that despite the trials of our past, what we choose to do moving forward is much more important to us and the world we share.”

Superman-Khoa-HoFans of these prints will be excited to hear that they are for sale and can be purchased HERE alongside his Toy Story Prints.  If you like this minimalist approach to superheroes, be sure to check out our article about artist Marko Manev’s impressive NOIR series.



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