Artist Matt Ferguson And Geek Art Invade France’s Comic Con With Some ‘Marvel’ous Wolverine Art

Let’s face it, as a blogger I really shouldn’t have favorite artists right?  It is best if I have an open mind and clear perspective BUT there is no denying that I love artist Matt Ferguson’s work.  I have written about it over and over and over and this post is no different.  Matt recently revealed some new Marvel stuff he did for Geek Art for the French Comic Con and, as usual, it’s pretty damn great.

primtestW.I.P. rough sketch

I asked Matt about the collaboration and here is what he had to say. “When Geek-Art asked if I was interested in creating some new Marvel art for The France Comic-Con it was a no brainer. All I had to do was come up with a concept I liked that was different to my previous Marvel art.

Wolverine-Matt-FergusonAt the time I was asked to do this particular piece I was toying with doing a Pacific Rim poster in a Japanese Woodblock style and it struck me that it would be a perfect fit for a Wolverine poster based on the classic Frank Miller story arc in the comics. The funny thing is that this had a knock on effect in that I didn’t want to do the woodblock thing for Pacific Rim which led me to come up with the “Pacific Jaws” poster… which went down a lot better than I was ever expecting it to. So, yeah, it all worked out really well!”Wolverine2-Matt-FergusonThese prints by Matt as well as some other Marvel awesomeness can be purchased over on Geek Art’s site HERE.  Take a look at some of the other stuff they have below.

Kanthesis_-_Colossus_Heavy_Metal_60x40Kanthesis – Heavy Metal

Florey_-_Hank_1Florey – Hank

Greg_Guillemin_-_IronmanlightGreg Guillemin – Iron Man


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