EXCLUSIVE! Artist Matt Ferguson Goes Big With Elysium!

elysiumclose1Forget all that BS when people say “size doesn’t matter” because it TOTALLY DOES!  We all know bigger is better.  It worked for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park and Pacific Rim right?  That is why Matt Ferguson is going BIG with his brand new, totally incredible, utterly fantastic over-sized print for Elysium.

elysiumclose2This print is both an experiment AND in line with his previous Poster Posse work and is a test for a new, top secret trilogy of prints that Matt is about to dazzle us with.  Matt did this print is on a much larger scale (36 X 18″) which allowed him to cram it with tons of incredible detail but he still kept it to a 2/3 color max.

I asked Matt about this poster as well as the upcoming ‘trilogy’ and here is what he had to say:

– The trilogy of prints is top secret at the moment. But I will say they are interconnected thematically and also share ideas with the Elysium poster. Also they are a huge undertaking and very, very dear to my heart.

– I have made this poster so that it can be easily screen printed and have already prepared it for such an eventuality. I just need to find someone to sell it through!!

– I chose to create a poster for Elysium because first and foremost I LOVE District 9 and this looks to almost be a spiritual successor, you can tell from the footage so far released that it is firmly in the same vein of thoughtful Sci-Fi. I can’t wait to see the film. I also felt that this film has similar elements to the subject matter in my next BIG, personal project and saw it as a chance to do a dry run on what is coming later in the year.

elysiumclose3So what can you take from this…SOMEONE needs to get on the horn to Ferguson and say, “HELL YES I WANT TO SELL THIS!”, Matt has more awesomeness on the way for us with his top secret project and I DESPERATELY want this print!

I will give you more info on the top secret project as it becomes available. This print is just a tease for THAT project so we are all in for something pretty amazing and I can’t wait!  Fans are encouraged to reach out to Matt on TWITTER and tell him how spectacular this print is.  Tell him BLURPPY sent you.


Is it just me or does anyone else think that the studio needs to buy this print and use it?


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8 Responses to EXCLUSIVE! Artist Matt Ferguson Goes Big With Elysium!

  1. tetravaal says:

    Fucking RADDDD!!!


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