Hero Complex Gallery’s Upcoming “Bleeding Metallics” Show Features Robots, Spaceships and Cyborgs…OH MY!

Bleeding_Metallics_flyer-600x304Hero Complex Gallery is ready to melt your mind yet again, this time with their new exhibit, “Bleeding Metallics“.   “Bleeding Metallics” will focus on artwork crafted with metallic inks, paints, papers, and in some cases, metal itself. The exhibit opens on Friday, August 2nd and based off these preview images, it’s gonna be incredible. Robots, Mechs, Cyborgs, Spaceships, Steampunk, Suits of Armor, and even owls will be represented in this show!

Adam Rabalais Bleeding MetallicsAdam Rabalais

(On a side note, there are a bunch of contributions from Poster Posse Members.  I have highlighted their names in BLUE.  NO I’m not picking favorites!  I love ALL the art represented in this show…BUT, the Poster Posse DOES hold a special place in my heart!)Matt Ferguson Bleeding MetallicsMatt Ferguson

Opening Reception is Friday, August 2nd, 7-10pm at Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA 90034

David Moscati Bleeding MetallicsDavid Moscati

And for those who missed out on Craig Drake’s Akira-inspired piece, ‘Kaneda!‘ on metal, Hero Complex Gallery has a special surprise and will be giving the first 50 customers a free mini-print of his piece printed on silver aluminum metallic paper! (WHOA…hold the presses…WHAT?  That’s it!  I’m leaving the office NOW and heading up there with a sleeping bag!) CraigDrake6x9MiniPrintsOnMetallicAluminumPaper copy

The show is PACKED with talent and if you are in the L.A. area on Friday, August 2nd you REALLY need to stop by.  Artists will be in attendance and Hero Complex Gallery exhibits are ALWAYS a great time.  Awesome art, fantastic fans, great gallery.  You can’t go wrong the only thing that COULD go wrong is if you forget your wallet.  With this much talent and incredible art for sale, it would SUCK if you had to drive all the way home and come all the way back!

Joe Vetoe Bleeding MetallicsJoe Vetoe

Peter Gutierrez Bleeding MetallicsPeter Gutierrez

Sharm MurugiahSharm Murugiah

Tracie Ching Bleeding MetallicsTracie Ching

Khoa Ho Bleeding MetallicsKhoa Ho

JP Valderrama Bleeding MetallicsJP Valderrama

Dan Lazarow Bleeding MetallicsDan Lazarow

Studiohouse Designs Bleeding MetallicsStudio House Designs

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.50.08 AM

Michael Latimer Bleeding MetallicsMichael Latimer

Ridge RoomsRidge Rooms

Sean Thornton Bleeding MetallicsSean Thornton

Eternally TorquedEternally Torqued


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10 Responses to Hero Complex Gallery’s Upcoming “Bleeding Metallics” Show Features Robots, Spaceships and Cyborgs…OH MY!

  1. Dean says:

    They’re all awesome! XD


  2. Really stoked to be a part of this!


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