Artist Mark Lone Reveals A Gorgeous “The Secret Of Nimh” Print For Odd City Entertainment

Odd City Entertainment is a limited edition screen print company based in Austin, TX that operates on a global scale and is really making a name for themselves. They’re made up of ex-Apple employees, pop culture geeks, art enthusiasts and gamers who all share the same passion for producing the highest quality limited edition screen prints in the industry.  After the massive success of their last project, Pacific Rim they have moved on and just announced a very limited licensed run of legendary animator Don Bluth’s classic animated adventure fantasy film, Secret of NIMH.

Mark LONE - Secret of NIMH revisedThe Secret of NIMH –  Online Release Date: 08/08/2013

Artist: Mark Lone

Size: 36″x24″

Run Size: 140

Details: 10 Colors with 3 Metallics

Paper: French Whip Cream 100 lbs.

Price: $55

The print evokes childlike wonder in an illustrative scene with Mrs. Brisby, a magical amulet called “The Stone”, Nicodemus, Great Owl and other fantastical imagery of the classic, NIMH. This limited edition movie poster will be printed in 10 colors with 3 metallic inks.

Mark LoneMark Lone, the print’s artist, shared his inspiration, “Being a fan of 80’s animation, I must admit, I wore out my VHS tape of The Secret of NIMH, my favorite Don Bluth movie. I learned so much during the process of making this piece while studying as much as I could from the movie concept sketches and character designs (some even by Don himself). I realized after starting this print that I have always drawn owls (and I have drawn a few of owls) very dark and ominous, much like “the great owl”… it was at that point I recognized how much this movie had impacted my artistic style subconsciously, even when I was a kid. So thank you to everyone involved with the making of such a great movie.”

The Odd City Secret of NIMH print will drop TODAY, Thursday, August 8th at a random time via the Odd City web store. Follow them on Twitter @OddCityNews, like them on FACEBOOK and sign up for their Newsletter to receive the sale announcement.


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