Artist Matt Ferguson Takes A Swing At DC Comics With 2 Outstanding New Prints

Artist Matt Ferguson is no stranger to comic book renditions.  His work with Marvel speaks for itself. (For those of you not in the know, Matt was responsible for the incredible art in Marvel’s uber cool Avengers box set.  AvengerstopHe has also done some impressive work with WOLVERINE, THOR, and IRON MAN.  As you can see, he is well versed in the Marvel Universe but…what about DC?  Well that is changing as he boldly dives in head first, faster than a speeding bullet and releases 2 new DC themed prints.

First up is his take on the highly anticipated, my next favorite movie, Zach Snyder’s Batman VS Superman.  For this one he went with a “ying and yang” approach and feel.  Superman being the boy scout, always right, never wrong with Batman being the one who walks the line between doing the right thing and taking matters too far.Batman-VS-Superman-Matt-FergusonApparently intrigued with the Dark Knight and not satisfied with only one image Matt dug deep into DC’s vault of Batman moviedom and came up with a fantastic image for Tim Burton’s 1989 smash hit.Matt-Ferguson-Batman-detailYep, he took on the Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton version and the end result SHOULD have been the movie poster back in 1989!  Of course Matt probably wasn’t even born then so I’m not sure HOW this could have happened but I WISH it could have.image copy 4

image copy 2This print is so well done I may have to dust off the DVD and watch it again despite the campiness of it all.  Be sure to pay close attention, the detail on the balloons is fantastic and take a closer look at the moon.  Sadly, I don’t think these prints will be available any time soon.  HOWEVER, if they DO go on sale, I will ABSOLUTELY let you know because I will get in line with you to pick up BOTH of them!

Batman-Matt-Ferguson-1989Do yourself a favor and follow Matt on TWITTER and then head over to his WEBSITE to check out his stupendous PORTFOLIO.  The guy has talent for days and I am SO happy to have him as one of the “Original 8” in the Poster Posse.

Remember…”Go, Go, Go with the smile!


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