EXCLUSIVE: Could One of These Images Be A Sneak Peek Of The New Batmobile For Zach Snyder’s Superman VS Batman?

Ever since Snyder announced the upcoming movie that will host the first pairing of DC’s most beloved super heroes, Batman and Superman, in a feature film, rumors and speculation have been rampant on the internet.

-batman_vs_superman-logoNow we get a look at what COULD be the all-new Batmobile!  Snyder has some big shoes to fill since Nolan’s incredible trilogy.  Nolan re-imagined the Dark Knight in such a brilliant way that one would think it impossible to out-do what he created.  Not one to shy from a challenge, Snyder may have a whole different take on what I have called, “the most important movie DC has ever made.”

-Superman-VS-BatmanThere are a few different exclusive sneak peaks that show us Snyder’s vision is completely different from Nolan’s which could or could not bode well for the film.  Take a look on the next page and see these exclusive images and you be the judge…

worst-batmobile-ever(Complete with a custom rear tint and menacing tail fins)

worst-batmobile-ever2(Guns on the hood suggest a more aggressive Dark Knight which is exactly what we should expect from Affleck)

worst-batmobile-ever3(Please note the ‘eye lashes’ on the headlights. Could these be some sort of high tech tracking device?)

worst-batmobile-ever4(Obviously a work in progress with some sort of aerodynamic device on the roof and a very scary grill on the front.)

BATMOBILE 1(It seems as if Snyder may be setting a more casual tone with this convertible version)

bad-batmobile6(Obviously a concept sketch that COULD include a new version of a gated Wayne Manor?)

batman-batmobile-wheelchair-costume(Looks like Snyder is keeping with the tone of Miller’s Dark Knight storyline by adding a much older Bruce Wayne.  Personally, I feel he may have gone too far but only time will tell.)


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