Exclusive Interview: Artist Mat Weller’s Work Is As Unique As How He Spells His First Name

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 7.15.59 PMOk, we have another new Poster Posse member who turned in an awesome piece for our Pacific Rim project, his name… Mat Weller.  Mat is a designer from London and aside from his work showing up in our Poster Posse Project he has also been featured on the fantastic design inspiration site, Abduzeedo.

Mat-Weller-1Now that we are in between Poster Posse Projects, (the next big reveal is October 21st) we got a chance to talk to Mat and see just what makes him tick.  Sit back, kick your feet up and read along as we delve into the world of artist Mat Weller.

BLURPPY – How long have you been creating art in the pop culture scene? How did you get started?

MWI started around 2 years ago. I’d just moved to a new place in London for University and wanted to design something for my walls so started on a poster for “Drive” as it had just been released.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.48.57 AMSaul Bass inspired poster for a “Drive” screening at a film festival. Capturing three scenes from the film in an abstract illustration built around the scorpion imagery from the film. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – Is art your full time job? If not, what else do you do?

MWI’ve only just graduated so technically I’m unemployed right now, but fingers crossed it will be a full time job soon. Ever since taking part in the Poster Posse I’ve felt my stock rising and had my work noticed by more people so everything’s looking up.

Ghostbusters-Mat-WellerPoster for a screening of the always awesome “Ghostbusters”. Based on a monotone illustration of the four Ghostbusters battling the Stay Puft Man. Helvetica was used as a nod to the NYC Subway systems map and their iconic use of the typeface. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – Well then, mission accomplished!  Glad to hear it has helped. Whose work do you admire or collect?

MWOverall Saul Bass and Herb Lubalin are my go-to inspiration sources at all times. Within the pop culture scene though it’s hard to look past the awesome, Olly Moss. But I could also reel off 80 more names to be honest. It’s a scene rich in talent no doubt.


BLURPPY – What one print, by another artist, blows your mind?

MWThe awesome “Back to the Future” print by La Boca sticks out for me. The colors are insane and it’s unlike any other style out there.

backtothefuturebgBLURPPY –  Damn!  I hadn’t seen that La Boca print before, OUTSTANDING!  Thanks for the heads up. It will be added to Blurppy’s ever-growing Pinterest Poster Page for sure.  With so much art being produced these days, how do you keep things fresh?

MWI’ve sketched some basic concepts recently only to see other artists beat me to the punch by producing similar ideas, so it is tough. The main thing I try and do is source inspiration from lesser known works or artists outside the pop culture bubble. Try not to get too caught up in the trends and styles others are working with.

 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.09.09 AM

Poster for “The Godfather” screening. Inspired by the original marketing and the iconic tuxedo and red rose combination worn by Don Corleone. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – Besides working on BLURPPY’s Poster Posse Project, what is your dream project?

MWJust to be commissioned to design a poster for ANY film. Having a studio wanting to attach my name to their work would be awesome, even if it was just for “The Smurfs 6”. I’m also a huge fan of Little White Lies magazine so working with those guys would be a crazy achievement for me.


Poster design for a screening of the 1969 film “Easy Rider” starring Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. The design uses the official red and blue Pantone swatches of the USA flag to capture the strongest theme in the film. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – Uhhhhh…be careful what you wish for, ‘SMURFS 6‘ MAY give you a ring.  Little White Lies is an awesome mag.  I could absolutely see your work in there. If you weren’t creating highly desirable works of art for adoring fans, what else would you do?

MWI’m not really there yet unfortunately. If it doesn’t pan out I’ll carry on making prints for myself and stick to freelance design work for the less exciting parts of life like plumbing companies and bakeries. I’ve also been working construction recently to pay the bills so maybe I’d end up doing that full-time without art.


Yeezus – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – A regular jack of all trades huh? Stay the course my friend, good things come to those that wait.  What movies are you excited to see this year/ next year?

MW“The Wolf of Wall Street” and the “Desolation of Smaug” are the main two for me. As for next year I’m extremely interested in what “Guardians of the Galaxy” is going to come out like. I love the original “Robocop” too so I’m cautiously excited for next year’s remake.

BLURPPY – I’m looking forward to Guardians as well but…a talking raccoon and a talking tree…I’m gonna have to catch up on the back issues to get truly excited about it. That being said, with Zoe Saldana involved it’s hard NOT to be excited about it.  What is your favorite print from your portfolio and why?

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.56.58 AMPoster design for the third Poster Posse Project ran over by the good guys at Blurppy.com. Artwork for the 2013 Guillermo del Toro film “Pacific Rim”. Inspired by the marketing for the 1998 similarly themed Kaiju film “Godzilla”. – Mat Weller

MWI put the most love and effort into my Pacific Rim print for the Poster Posse. Knowing I was dropping art with a bunch of crazy talented people made me step it up and put in the time. Saying that though, my favorite piece is actually one I’ve done for Hero Complex Gallery’s upcoming Jaws exhibition – “Smile, You Son Of A Bitch“, but of course I can’t show that yet so I’ll go for my second favorite which is my Raiders of the Lost Ark print. It was the first poster I really spent time on from researching the film in intricate detail to the many, many tweaks applied at the end to get it just right.

Raiders-Of-The-Lost-Ark-Mat-WellerPoster design for a film festival screening of “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”. A favorite film of mine so it was an awesome project to work on. Probably my favorite from the whole set of 6 I did for the festival. Based on the iconic boulder chase scene from the film’s opening sequence. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – I love the way your Pac Rim print came out. Great job and congrats on a successful first outing with the Poster Posse!  What’s your biggest pet peeve about the pop culture art scene?

MWI wasn’t such a fan of the ridiculously ÜBER minimal trend that was around a year or two ago. It’s all but died down now though thankfully. I always try and design posters that work just as well for people who haven’t seen the film as those who have. Granted, I don’t always pull it off but it’s intention nonetheless.

BLURPPY – I’ve looked at your movie prints and I would say you accomplished your initial intention on all of them.  What has been your best experience to date, in the pop culture art scene?

Seven-Mat-WellerPoster for a screening of David Fincher’s 1995 film, “Se7en”. I didn’t go as far as to actually illustrate Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in the box though. – Mat Weller

MWParticipating in one of BLURPPY’s Poster Posse Projects was awesome obviously. Submitting work for an exhibition at Hero Complex Gallery and being accepted is probably the thing that makes me feel best about my work to date though. But of course I wouldn’t been doing that without the Poster Posse first!

BLURPPY – You are too kind and thank you for those kind words but in the end, your work speaks for itself.  Glad we could help share it with the masses.  What was your most embarrassing moment as an artist?

MWDon’t really have one, although I guess that means I’m due one eventually. Oh boy! For the sake of entertainment I’ll make one up though… I once met Harrison Ford and told him I thought Greedo shot first.

BLURPPY – Hahahahahah… IF I ever meet the man I will steal that one for sure. What is the best interview question you’ve ever been asked and what was your answer?

MWI just did an interview where I was asked what advice I had for those starting to design and produce artwork. A simple question but it allowed me to turn on the hindsight and look back at what worked for me. I said I found a real benefit in spending time to look back at the past masters of the industry and familiarize yourself with everything they’ve done in elevating the design world.


Flyers for a music event in Lambeth. – Mat Weller

BLURPPY – What do you have on tap for the rest of 2013 and don’t give us that B.S. line, “Lots of stuff , just can’t talk about it yet

MWI’ve looked through the upcoming film and TV release schedule and earmarked several that I’m keen to produce work for. Hopefully more Blurppy Poster Posse work and some more for Hero Complex Gallery stuff would be awesome too.

BLURPPY – OH my friend, I have a calender FULL of Poster Posse Project for 2014 and incredibly, it keeps growing.  I have things booked out through next DECEMBER!  I will go against my OWN rule and just say, “There is a TON of great stuff coming, I just can’t talke about it yet.”  So, yes…you shall be getting MANY more Poster Posse invites!  Now, let me fire off 10 quick questions and you just say the first thing that comes to mind.

DC or Marvel?

I started heavily reading comics after DC’s New 52 refresh a couple of years back so they take it for me.

 Most Desired Super Power?

The ability to turn sobriety on and off would be cool.

Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

R2D2 for all the witty banter he dishes out to C3PO that we can’t understand but you know is hilarious.

Best movie snack?

Giant cup of icy Coca Cola.

Growing up, what was your favorite TV show?

Hey Arnold! Although I’m jealous of kids today having Adventure Time.

What’s the best way for fans to keep up with all you have going on?

I post my stuff everywhere, whether it’s on my web site (http://matweller.me), TWITTER or INSTAGRAM or even in the MoviePosterPorn sub on Reddit. Google me (make sure you spell my name right though, with ONE “t”) and you should find me hanging around most social media sites.

What’s your favorite pop culture event?

San Diego Comic-Con. I was in San Diego back in 2007 and although I didn’t attend it, seeing all the people queuing outside the exhibition center made me realize what a big deal it is. Plus whenever I look at my RSS feeds over those few days there’s so much awesome news to digest!

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and why? (Can be comic books, movies, literature, etc)

Maggie Simpson. I love the whole baby genius mastermind thing she’s got going on behind that pacifier. I would’ve said John McClane but with recent releases considered I just can’t do it!

Would you rather design the poster for an upcoming Star Wars movie or the upcoming Blade Runner prequel?

Blade Runner. Star Wars has so much artwork out there by awesome artists, whilst Blade Runner is a reasonably untapped source I think. Saying that, maybe I should do a piece for the original right now…

Huge thanks to Mat for taking the time to speak with us although, had I known how many times I would have to go back and chance MATT to MAT, I may have not used his name ANYWHERE in the article! (Oh and YES MAT, you SHOULD do a Blade Runner piece, one of my all time favorite movies and I would LOVE to see what you do with it!)


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  1. Victor De Leon says:

    Awesome interview, Blurppy! I love Mat’s work. Thanks for those great pics of his material. Maggie Simpson is his favorite fictional character! Too epic. He is very talented and sounds like a cool dude. Good job!


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