The Psychology Of AMC’s Breaking Bad


Fans of the hit AMC series Breaking Bad need to look a little closer when they watch their favorite show.  Are you aware of the psychology that is used for use of color, patterns, placement of furniture and accessories? Where someone lives and the things that surround them tell you a lot about them….




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4 Responses to The Psychology Of AMC’s Breaking Bad

  1. flocusfilms says:

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    Amazing read Specs! Check this out! 🙂


  2. flocusfilms says:

    Great job on the article! 🙂


  3. mikey2ct says:

    I used to watch AMC when it was commercial free. Emmmys or not, I don’t like to watch big or little screen productions shot in the dark. I understand the psychology behind some of these productions but there is already a plethora of real life ‘bad’ every single day.

    One example is Halliburton who built the concrete used in the ecological disaster in the Gulf 4 years. They were fined $200,000 for destroying records on the concrete casings that failed. They are still in bed with companies like BP who regularly advertise on TV about how much they spend now in the Gulf without mentioning the multiple BILLIONS in profits and tax loopholes and subsidies funded by the same people in Congress now who are currently doing nothing again.


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