EXCLUSIVE! Matt Ferguson & Bottleneck Gallery Are Taking Us Back To 1989 At NYCC And I Couldn’t Be Any Happier



Some days the stars align in such a way that they shine so bright it’s almost blinding.  Well today is such a day.  Today, Blurppy gets to share something pretty special with you.  We get to combine 3 of our favorite things into one pretty awesome exclusive announcement.

What do Poster Posse member Matt Ferguson, Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie and Bottleneck Gallery all have in common?  Well back in September we previewed Matt’s INSANELY cool Batman ’89 print and the response from fans around the world was phenomenal.  TONS of fans of Matt’s and Batman’s beloved followers were asking, “Where can we get this?”  “I want this can I buy it?” and at the time, the answer was a very sad and disheartening “No.”  (YES, I was ABSOLUTELY one of those asking about it!)

89BNd1Well Joe over at Bottleneck Gallery knows a good thing when he sees it and he said, “If the fans want it, why not give it to them!”  Bottleneck Gallery will be at New York Comic Con this week and what BETTER place to release an amazing Batman print then at a con right? Well click the link below and we will tell you where and when you can get this fantastic print!

Joe will be at his booth, #2167, this Thursday, 10/10, 2013, offering up Matt’s beguiling Batman print titled: “He Stole My Balloons!” 

89bats_webpreview“He Stole My Balloons” by Matt Ferguson  $40

 Size- 11″ x 24″

 Type- Giclée

 Limited edition

Knowing a good thing when I SEE IT, I asked Matt about the print and what inspired him to create something so brilliant.  Here is what he had to say: “I have long had an obsession with Batman starting with the Adam West TV show when I was a kid. I remember when Tim Burton’s Batman came out and I couldn’t see it because I wasn’t old enough!  All I wanted to do was see that film but instead all I could do was read articles about it and listen to the amazing soundtrack. Then we got VHS and things changed! It was one of the first films I had on tape and I watched it countless times.

89BNd2My favorite scene in the film has always been when The Joker and Bats go “mano-a-mano” on the streets of Gotham and I always loved the Jokers wacky balloons. So really when I sat down to make a poster for the film it was no brainer… just do my favorite scene!”

I STRONGLY suggest, no…actually…I INSIST that if you are attending NYCC and want this print, RACE, don’t walk, to Bottleneck Gallery’s booth #2167 as SOON as the doors open on Thusday morning.  No panel, no giveaway, no star sightings at the show will be as important as getting this print!  PLEASE when you get yours tell Joe and his crew that BLURPPY sent you….

Now, without further adieu, here is the scene that made Matt squeal with glee as a youngster.  (Sorry for the poor quality, I recorded it from Matt’s worn out VHS tape.)


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