Matt Ferguson Has Batman On The Mind And That Is A GOOD Thing

Why is it a good thing?” you ask?  Well because he gets all creative and stuff and comes up with some pretty fantastic images…THAT’S WHY!!!!!  Yesterday Matt tweeted a pic of a new image he is calling “Arkham Origins” that features everyone’s favorite Dark Knight.

Arkham-origins-matt-fergusonThe simplistic silhouette evokes action and power which, when you think about it, describes the Dark Knight quite nicely.  (This may sound odd but I love that he added a detailed tread to the bottom of Batman’s boots. Not sure why it caught my attention but it’s a nice detail in my humble opinion.) Matt has been on a bit of a tear lately having  just sold out of his Batman print he did for Bottleneck Gallery at New York Comic Con.

Batman-Matt-Ferguson-1989This print was titled “He Stole My Balloons” which is a classic line from the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman.  As you can see, the print is exceptional and it’s no wonder it sold out so quickly.  One can only hope that he has more of these up his sleeve.

Matt also did an image for “Batman VS Superman” with a bit of a Yin and Yang feel to it.  Although not for sale, it’s still pretty damn cool!

Batman-VS-Superman-Matt-FergusonAll I know is that the combination of one of my favorite artists along with my favorite super hero is a combination I can’t get enough of.  My plea to Matt is keep drinking vast amounts of Mountain Dew so you can stay up for days on end creating more awesomeness!

-Poster-Posse-logo.jpgFollow Matt on TWITTER to see what he surprises us with next and be sure to check out his impressive portfolio over on his WEBSITE.  Be sure to come back to BLURPPY on October 21st to see Matt’s contribution to our FOURTH Poster Posse Project!  Matt always delivers the goods on these projects and I can’t WAIT to see what he has come up with for PPP#4!

(Oh, by the way, Matt designed the Poster Posse Logo too!)


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