Gallery 1988’s Crazy For Cult Show: “Say Hi To The Bad Guy” Is Ready To Take Both Coasts By Storm

Bad_Guys_EviteGallery 1988 is getting ready for their next Crazy 4 Cult show: “Say Hi To The Bad Guy”.  The show opens on Friday, October 18th with an opening reception that runs from 7-10pm.  As always the show sports a rather impressive list of talent that includes: Anthony Petrie, Nick Comparone, Chris Delorenzo, 100% Soft, Joshua Budich, Bill Main, Matthew Brazier, Alex Pearson, Meagan Hyland, Ridge Rooms, Jim Ferguson, Sam Gilbey, Danielle Murray Rizzolo and many more.


Ridge_Mars_Teaser-gallery-1988-3Here is what Gallery 1988 had to say about the show:  “We’ve been waiting for this one for awhile. The show is “Crazy 4 Cult presents…Say Hi To The Bad Guy” and is a slight extension to to our annual Crazy 4 Cult show. For this show, the artists have been told they can only depict the villains or the bad guys from cult films (and some TV shows) and that’s it. A nice spin on what everyone has become used to.  The work from this show is pretty brilliant. I think you guys are gonna flip.

“Speaking of flipping, Crazy 4 Cult (in the traditional sense) WILL BE RETURNING TO NEW YORK CITY in December 2013. We want to know what snow is like. So we figured this made sense. GET READY, EAST COAST! We’re bringing jackets.”




Gallery 1988’s LAST NYC Crazy 4 Cult exhibit was a massive success so it makes perfect sense that they would brave the cold to do it all over again.  That and the fact that there is some pretty phenomenal pizza there doesn’t hurt either!


-gallery-1988-4-gallery-1988-5Follow Jensen and the Gallery 1988 crew on TWITTER for updates on this show and other spectacular encounters with pure awesomeness.  While you are at it, be sure to head over to their WEBSITE too.  They have a plethora of prints in their SHOP that will take all your hard-earned money and fill up all your empty wall space.



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