Raid 71 Shares His Game Inspired Work For JSR’s “Multiplayer” Exhibit In London

JSR Multiplayer ExhibitHot on the heels of PlayStation 4’s launch comes “Multiplayer”, an Illustration Celebration of social and interactive gaming in all its analogical glory! JSR’s roster of international artists will be dotting their info-graphic i’s and crossing their Technicolor t’s in a mega mix of Gaming graphics old and new. Eighties neons clash against the simplicity of a blueprint drawing, complex diagrams are turned into intricate patterns and space invaders eat up old school pixel characters. They’ve raided board games, dipped into Amstrads and worshiped at the feet of X Box One. Working in 3D, 2D, screen print, paper, pen and ink are: Allan Deas, Benji Charnock, Carla Lucena, Lydia Shirreff, Middleboop, Raid 71, Shaun Mills and Simon Wild.

Being a huge fan of Raid 71 (Aka Chris Thornley) I wanted to share his fantastic art for what sounds like an amazing project.

St_Paul's_web“St Paul’s” By Raid 71:  “I created this image as part of the JSR ‘Multiplayer’ exhibition.
St Paul’s has survived 2 world wars, but now with falling numbers of people attending church a great cultural shift has left religion vulnerable.”

3 color screen print
On Pop set Ivory paper
50 x 70cm (19.5 x 27.5″)
Signed & numbered
Limited edition 100



“Cultural Impact” by Raid 71

4 color screen print
On Pop set Ivory paper
80 x 40cm (31.5 x 17.5″)
Signed & numbered
Limited edition 75


space_invader_london_aw_red“Cultural Impact” (Variant) by Raid 71

4 color screen print
On Pop set Ivory paper
80 x 40cm (31.5 x 17.5″)
Signed & numbered
Limited edition 15

If you are in London, (I’m jealous) the exhibit goes on until October 27th. Head over to the exhibit at 50 Redchurch Street London E2 7DP from 22nd – 27th October and send us some pics of all the other awesomeness they have on the walls.

Follow Raid 71 on TWITTER to stay up to date with what this fantastic artist has brewing.  It’s always a tasty treat and I can’t wait to see what he conjures up next!


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