Mondo To Release 2 Prints From Jay Shaw And Johnny Dombrowski For A Special Screening Of “Platoon” At Alamo Drafthouse

_alamo_drafthouseOliver Stone’s incredible 1986 war film, “Platoon” has stood the test of time and features an outstanding cast including Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berrenger and Forest Whitaker.  Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, Texas will be doing a 35mm screening of the film this weekend, (11/10/13) and Mondo is all over it!

They have asked Jay Shaw and Poster Posse member Johnny Dombrowski to commemorate the event with two posters which Mondo will be selling in the lobby before and after the screening.  First up…Jay Shaw…

by Jay Shaw
18″ x 24″
Edition of 125

_platoon-jay-shaw1Now take a gander at Johnny Dombrowski’s awesome contribution.  Here is what he had to say about the movie.

Platoon is one of a few unique examples in the war movie genre. It not only focuses on the physical affects of war but also the mental- the cerebral or visceral. Where the worst enemy is not the Vietnamese but rather the horrors of losing one’s self in that kind of environment. Losing all hope and even all sense of what it means to be human or humane. The first casualty of war is innocence. 


by Johnny Dombrowski
24″ x 36″
Edition of 125

With that, the jungle becomes this incredibly strong and overwhelming symbol of chaos and insanity. A place with no reason, no logic, no chance of escape. Surrounding Taylor on all sides, it changes in to this encroaching and claustrophobic entity. It’s eats away any moral idea of himself and of mankind in general, and exposes what people are really capable of. The jungle is the most powerful and frightening character in the film. Turning men in to monsters, or worse, men in to nothing at all. 

_platoon-johnny-dombrowski2Be sure to follow Jay Shaw and Johnny Dombrowski on TWITTER for updates on upcoming projects.  As usual, IF there are any remaining prints Mondo will announce the onsale on THEIR TWITTER FEED sometime after the event.


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