Topps Gives Us “Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope” Featuring Fantastic Original Art From Paul Shipper And 8 Other Artists

_topps-star-wars-illustrated-a-new-hope-box-31Star Wars is one of those things I can never get enough of.  Just yesterday we showed you an awesome Star Wars mash-up with Thomas Kincade art from digital artist Jeff Bennett.  Now we give you a look at an all new card set from Topps called “Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope.”


The cards are based off the six hour NPR radio broadcast from back in 1981.  In 1981, George Lucas’ Star Wars movie script was adapted to meet the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, producing an enhanced, expanded version of the story, with many episodes not seen in the film, adding a significant amount of back story and a much greater emphasis on character development. As a result, Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, published by HighBridge Audio, became something that is familiar yet completely new—an exhilarating, deeply satisfying fable for the mind’s eye.

Topps has gathered nine artists to provide original artwork based off that radio show and they have wrangled one of our all-time favorites, Paul Shipper.

_Star Wars_ANewHope_Paul-Shipper_FIN_S_c_web2Topps “Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope”  Card By Paul Shipper

Paul was hired to create a reinterpretation of the Iconic Hildebrandt Bros/Tom Jung original Star Wars poster along with 8 other artists including: Jerry Vanderstelt, Doug Cowan, Shelli Paroline, Mark McHaley, Katie Cook, Brian Rood, Jeff Miracola and Zach Giallongo.

Star Wars_ANewHope_PS_FIN_S_poster_c_webPaul did this film poster style version for fun, kind of a vintage style with faux poster creases. (Pretty brilliant stuff if you ask me.)

The base set will consist of 100 cards, but the extra 45 inserts will put together the full story.  Each box will hold 24 six-card packs. Along with the base cards (including Black, Bronze and Gold (hobby only) parallels), collectors can find hits such as sketch cards and printing plates.

One Year Earlier (1 in 2 packs) – Eighteen cards showing what happened one year before Star Wars: A New Hope.
Movie Poster Artist Reinterpretations (1:3) – Nine artists give their interpretations of the 1977 Star Wars movie poster.
Etched Foil Radio Drama Puzzle (1:8) – Six foil cards that create a scene of the Radio Drama.
The Mission: Destroy the Death Star (1:12) – Twelve cards showing the best way to destroy the Death Star.

-Topps-star-wars4Hits (one hit per box):
Panorama Sketch Card – Topps artists create original art on book cards.
Film Cel Relics – Film cels from the 1977 movie embedded in cards.
Printing Plate – Plates from the base and insert sets.
Original Etched Foil Artwork – Six original artwork pieces to create an etched foil puzzle insert.
Sketchographs – Sketch cards signed by actors from the movie and Radio Drama.

Sketchagraphs are autographed sketch cards. They use original artwork done directly on the card, just like a regular sketch card. An autograph is also included. Signers include actors from both the 1977 film and the original radio drama. There are approximately 1,000 Sketchagraphs.


-00a-00bLike the 2013 Topps Star Wars Jedi Legacy The Circle is Now Complete inserts, collectors can register their Mission cards on the Topps Star Wars Facebook page. Those who enter all 12 cards receive an exclusive Death Star bonus card.

The cards are available now at a dealer near you.  Follow the official TOPPS Star Wars page HERE to see when they add this product to their page as well.


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  3. Don’t forget about the exclusive cards you get when you purchase the new Topps collector’s edition of the Radio Drama!


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