EXCLUSIVE! Art V Cancer Reveals An All New Star Wars Print By Joshua Budich And More For Leeds Thought Bubble Festival!

BLURPPY EXCL TMIt’s pretty safe to say that I REALLY wish I could make it to this years Thought Bubble Leeds Comic Art Festival, (23-24th Nov), because the line up of talent is, as always, impressive, to say the least.  One of the things that is sure to be a huge success is the Art V Cancer booth in the New Dock Hall.

Art V Cancer BannerArt V Cancer is a fantastic art forum run by artist extraordinaire Chris Thornley (aka Raid71) & Julia Hall.  When you buy a poster from Art V Cancer, they donate a substantial proportion of the profits to Cancer Charities.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.05.25 AMThis year is their first outing at the Thought Bubble Festival and they have a stellar offering that includes exclusive screen prints from Jay Shaw, a variant of Ben The Illustrator’s sold out “Back To The Future” print, a brand new Star Wars print from Joshua Budich and this next double offering from Tony Hodgkinson.  I asked Tony what his inspiration was for the project and HOW in the heck did he think to combine Calvin & Hobbes with Breaking Bad?  Here is what he had to say.

I guess the inspiration came directly from Breaking Bad itself. Such a great show that when I was asked to submit something for ArtVCancer’s Thoughtbubble involvement it had to be that. I had to doff my cap to the show, I mean I was swimming in the hype during those final episodes!

Combining Calvin & Hobbes evolved from an “Adventure Time” idea I had overworked to death (another show I love and one I can watch with the kids). I was hunting for a duo, an iconic twosome that could be paired against Walt and Jesse when I stumbled upon the “There’s Treasure Everywhere!” image. I shelved the Adventure Time idea and stripped it down to what you see now. Hopefully people will like it!

You’re DAMN right we love it!  These rock!

Theres-Treasure-Everywhere_alternative600‘Scientific Progress Goes “Boink” ‘ by Tony Hodgkinson

Limited edition of 20 each version


330mm x 483mm giclee

Theres-Treasure-Everywhere600Next up, Joshua Budich is delivering a phenomenal new Star Wars print titled, “We’re Doomed” from the fan favorite, “New Hope” Star Wars film.  What do you get when you combine one of the biggest and most beloved sci-fi franchises in history with one of everyone’s favorite artists?  Puuuuure magic!

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.02.49 AM“We’re Doomed” teaser image by Joshua Budich

Here is what Joshua had to say about this project for Art V CancerThese are the prints I’ve always wanted to make! Born in 1977 when “A New Hope” was originally released; seeing “Empire Strikes Back” as my first movie ever in the theater; and suffering gleefully through the Ewoks of “Return of the Jedi”… I’d be foolish to say that my life hasn’t led up to this great homage to my favorite movie franchise of all time. And, being able to contribute something to such a great cause as ArtVCancer. It’s truly an honor!

NewHope800‘We’re Doomed!’ – A New Hope by Joshua Budich

4-colour Screen print

Edition of 100

Printed on French 100lb Madero Beach paper


18″ x 24″

Well, once again, Mr. Budich delivers an astounding print that is sure to be a massive success at Thought Bubble.  Now fans who CAN’T make it to the festival can breathe a small sigh of relief because Art V Cancer will be holding back a few of these must-have prints for an online sale beginning at 6pm 24th Nov GMT (10am PST, 1pm EST).

Art V Cancer will also be selling various fan favorites from their site at the festival like these two prints from the brilliant mind of another one of our favorites, the aforementioned, Raid 71.

Hellnuts2 by Raid 71“Hellnuts 2” by Raid 71

330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches)

Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag

10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks

Signed and numbered


Limited to just 100

That Damn Starfleet Raid 71“That Damn Starfleet” by Raid 71

330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches)

Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag

10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks

Signed and numbered

Limited to just 35

Be sure to keep up on all the greatness that each of these entities has to share via the following:


Tony Hodgkinson: TUMBLR, TWITTER




Thought Bubble Festival: WEBSITE, TWITTER


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4 Responses to EXCLUSIVE! Art V Cancer Reveals An All New Star Wars Print By Joshua Budich And More For Leeds Thought Bubble Festival!

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  3. Larry Fire says:

    Thanks for posting this Don. I just picked up ‘We’re Doomed!’ – A New Hope by Joshua Budich. Awesome print for a great cause!


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