EXCLUSIVE Artist Interview! Khoa Ho Can’t Stop ‘Derping Out’ And It May Have Cost Him A Job

BLURPPY EXCL TMWith the end of another Poster Posse Project, it’s time to start rolling out all new Poster Posse interviews with the newbies. This time around we get inside the head of Khoa Ho.  We have featured his work several times and it only made sense to extend him an offer to become a member of the Poster Posse.  I was honored that he accepted the calling and now we get to learn a bit more about this Californian Illustrator… Graphic Designer… Spaceman.


“To Infinity And Beyond” Khoa Ho

BLURPPY- How long have you been creating art in the pop culture scene? How did you get started?

KH – Not too long. I think I started around this past April-May while finishing up classes. Before that the only art I did was for school (fine arts, graphic design program) and none were really pop culture related. I made the Toy Story series to present at my portfolio day and after receiving positive feedback I figured I would do more pop culture doodles on my free time. My first real pop culture project was Superheroes – Past/Present.

_Khoa-ho-superheroes-past-and-present BLURPPY – We loved your “Superheroes Past And Present Series!” (We are secretly hoping you tackle more of these in the future.)  Is art your full time job?  If not, what else do you do?

KH – I would like art to be my full time job but it is not…yet. I’m unemployed at the moment doing small freelance jobs here and there while job hunting. I’m kind of all over the place right now.

BLURPPY – Welcome to MY world. I completely understand how difficult THAT can be. I’ll DEFINITELY keep you busy with Poster Posse Projects in the meantime.  Just remember us when you are big and famous.  Whose work do you admire or collect?

KH – Quite a few but I’ll name some of my tops. Banksy, Ken Taylor, JC Richard, Olly Moss and Daniel Danger. Also David Carson for the graphic designer in me. Many many others but those guys really impress me. I don’t have any art collections at the moment because, well, I’m broke and jobless. I did, however, had to have all of Olly Moss’s Breaking Bad Minute Walt’s so I sacrificed a lot of penny’s to get them before that 24 hour release window closed.

_Olly-Moss-breaking-Bad-prints“Minute Walts”  by Olly Moss

BLURPPY –  I REALLY need to get me some Daniel Danger up on my walls.  His work really resonates with me yet I have yet to get one!  Gotta change that in 2014. What one print, by another artist, blows your mind?

KH – This is really hard to answer. At this very moment I’ll say Olly Moss’s Lord of the Rings. It’s the one print I find myself always going back to marvel at.

_Olly-Moss-Lord-of-the-Rings“Lord of the Rings” by Olly Moss

BLURPPY – It’s impossible not to love that work.  That one seems to be pretty high on a lot of folks lists.  With so much art being produced these days, how do you keep things fresh? (This is NOT a hygiene question.)

KH – You can’t. Just Kidding. I never really thought about this question to the extreme. I just do what feels right for me honestly. I strive for new and different but I never let that stop me from doing something when a cool concept or visual idea pops in my head. I learned to not let another’s creativity limit my own.

_Khoa-ho-Joker“The Joker” by Khoa Ho

BLURPPY – Damn, that is very Zen of you!  “New” and “different” are always good things to explore. Besides working on BLURPPY’s Poster Posse Projects, what is your dream project?

KH – Well since everything is going to be lame compared to the Poster Posse Projects I’ll go for something out of this world. Literally. It would be a dream to go into space. I have no idea what the project would be but at that point it doesn’t even matter as long as I’m floating up there. “Yes, I did these stick people drawings…in space.” Besides that maybe make a video game.

-47-ronin-khoa-ho.jpg“We Are 47” by Khoa Ho (Poster Posse Project Submission)

BLURPPY – I love your enthusiasm for the PPPs and SPACE is a mighty bold goal.  Perhaps Sir Richard Branson can offer you a spot on one of his first flights?  It’s worth a shot.  Hit him up!  If you weren’t creating highly desirable works of art for adoring fans, what else would you do?

Crimson-Typhoon-Khoa-Ho“Crimson Typhoon” by Khoa Ho

KH – I have no idea. Just the regular stuff probably. Work wherever and try to live life peacefully and happily.

BLURPPY – Hmmmm… let me see, what can I see you doing?  UFO researcher…nah, no money there….toy tester at Lego…possibly or how about a nice gig like Graphic Designer at say….Bad Robot?  What movies are you excited to see this year/ next year?

KH –Out of the Furnace’ and ‘American Hustle’ look very good. I’m a big Christian Bale fan. ‘X-men’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Interstellar’ come to mind for next year. I can’t wait for 2015 though. ‘Superman/Batman’, ‘Avengers 2’, and ‘Star Wars’. I also love discovering the smaller independent movies too.


“Papa” by Khoa Ho

BLURPPY – We posted the trailer for “Out of the Furnace” and it looks fantastic!  Great acting, all star cast. Wouldn’t be surprised of someone from that film gets nominated for an award.  2015 will absolutely be IN-SANE for movies.  It will ABSOLUTELY be the highest grossing year EVER in the movie business.  (Tons of great Poster Posse stuff coming!)  What is your favorite print from your portfolio and why?

KH – “The Orphan” because Batman. It also further led me to discover that this kind of art really connects to people in such a different way compared to other design work like brand identity or logo design. I also have one or two that I absolutely love but cannot reveal at this moment.

_Khoa-ho-the-orphan“The Orphan” by Khoa Ho

BLURPPY – Money does NOT buy you everything and Bruce Wayne is the epitome of that. That being said, money CAN make things “easier” so I guess it’s a double edged sword.  What’s your biggest pet peeve about the pop culture art scene?

KH – Not sure if it’s a pet peeve but I do find it silly when people rip another persons work inch by inch, do a worse job compared to the original and then try to pass it on as their own. I understand that copycats can’t be stopped so my advice is don’t goof. If you’re going to copy at least do it better than the original.

BLURPPY – Fans know “original” when they see it. Fans are also pretty good at calling people out on this stuff too!  What has been your best experience to date, in the pop culture art scene?

Reaper“Reaper” by Khoa Ho

KH – Having my work displayed at the great Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Young Guns’ show then followed up with Poster Posse. Just so cool. I’d love to attend a show at Hero. Other than that, not many experiences yet. First SDCC this summer I hope.

BLURPPY – That “Young Guns” show was awesome.  You HAVE to come out to one of the next Hero Complex exhibits.  Adam and his crew do an amazing job with everything that they touch.  Let me know if you make it to SDCC this year and I will invite you to the BLURPPY BBQ INVITATIONAL. Last year was a huge success and my fingers are STILL sticky with BBQ sauce!  (That may SOUND gross but it was REALLY good BBQ!) What was your most embarrassing moment as an artist?

KH – Nothing comes to mind. Although every time I present something I feel like I’m derping out hardcore and embarrassing myself. I can never tell if people are laughing with me or at me…at least they’re laughing right?

Playgrounds -MGS“Playgrounds – Metal Gear Solid” by Khoa Ho

BLURPPY – Don’t sweat it either way.  People laugh at me on a daily basis.  If you laugh WITH them you can often turn the tables on them.  (At least that is what I tell myself and my therapist seems to back it as well.) What is the best interview question you’ve ever been asked and what was your answer?

KH – This was a recent phone interview for a gallery sales job. It went as follows:

Nice lady interviewer: “What is a recent accomplishment that you are most proud of?”

What relaxed me should have said: “Graduating college and moving to California to fulfill my art career.”

What I said while derping out hardcore: “I drew a neat picture of Wolverine and it got featured on Hugh Jackman’s facebook page. Not sure if you know who that is but I thought it was pretty cool…”

I did not get the job.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.46.13 PMBLURPPY – Hmmmm…. this is boarderline “most embarrassing moment” material but I will let it pass.  What do you have on tap for the rest of 2013 and don’t give us that line, “Lots of stuff , just can’t talk  about it yet

KH – I have a couple prints done for a show in January for Hero Complex. Itching for that one. I did a simple poster for one of my favorite movies, ‘Forrest Gump’, just for fun. I have a new superheroes series that’s just kind of sitting there that I really like. Working on ‘Breaking Bad’ stuff, and of course, the secret Poster Posse Projects I’m very excited about diving into.

_Khoa-Ho-Forrest-gump-wip“Forrest Gump” WIP

_forrest-gump-khoa-ho“Forrest Gump” by Khoa Ho

Ahhhh yes, the top secret Poster Posse Projects.  I’m looking forward to see what you have in store for us!  Nicely done, now comes the quick stuff.  Here is a bunch of questions that you simply need to answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

DC or Marvel?

DC but I also love Marvel

– Most Desired Super Power?

Ability to heal all injuries and illnesses on others and myself just by thinking of it or everything Superman can do minus the silly kryptonite.

– Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

I’ll say one of the new ones because there’s going to be new ones. Joy 😀

– Best movie snack?

Ice cream. I normally don’t eat during movie theater showings.

– Growing up, what was your favorite TV show?

That’s a loaded question. The Simpsons, Batman: Animated Series, Spider-man, Digimon, Dragonball Z,  X-men, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry. I could go on but I’ll stop.

– What’s the best way for fans to keep up with all you have going on?



Twitter & Instagram


– What’s your favorite pop culture event?

I love concerts. Bonnaroo Music Festival is magical.

– Who is your favorite fictional character of all time and why? (Can be comic books, movies, literature, etc)

Bruce Wayne/Batman. He’s the one character who has stayed consistent and relevant with me through my entire life.

– Would you rather design the poster for an upcoming Star Wars movie or the upcoming Blade Runner sequel?

The Force is too strong.  Star Wars.

The Force IS strong but so is Trader Joe’s coffee ice cream….I realize it’s not relevant, I’m just saying.  HUGE thanks to Khoa for having the patience to get through my ramblings.  We love his work and can’t WAIT to see what he does on the NEXT Poster Posse Project….stay tuned…..


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