Matt Ferguson And Bottleneck Gallery Celebrate Dr. Who’s 50th Anniversary


To celebrate the grand event of Dr. Who’s 50th anniversary, Bottleneck Gallery will be releasing a fantastic new series of prints from Poster Posse artist, Matt Ferguson.  The series will  honor each Doctor over the course of the entire series. _Doctor-Who-50_matt_ferguson_doctor_who1Now before you get in a panic, RELAX, TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  All 11 prints will be available as a timed released edition at The sale will start Friday, November 22nd at 12pm eastern and last till 11:59pm on Sunday, November 24th. Each giclee print is 8 x 11 inches, numbered and costs a mere $25.


_3a_Doctor-who-matt-ferguson4Now it’s hard to believe that true fans will get just one of these but if you do there will be an option to purchase each piece individually OR as a set of 11 for $260. Each set will come with a free “12th” print that will be shown over the weekend on Bottleneck’s Facebook page.



_Doctor-who-matt ferguson7As with all art sold through Bottleneck Gallery, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  This time around it’s Home Sweet Home, an organization that helps incarcerated mothers and their children reconnect in society.

paul_printThere is no need for a TARDIS with this one.  Simply head over to Bottleneck Gallery this Friday, November 22nd from 12pm Eastern and get your order in!  You will have till 11:59pm on Sunday, November 24th.  After that, you WILL need a TARDIS to get your prints!

-9-10a-11aIf you purchase the entire set you will also get this BONUS PRINT as well..


Bottleneck Gallery: WEBSITE, TWITTER


Matt Ferguson Banner P.S.  If you are lucky enough to be attending this year’s THOUGHT BUBBLE FESTIVAL across the pond in Leeds, UK, stop by and see Matt and purchase a ton of prints from him at table 88 in the Allied London Hall.  Tell him BLURPPY sent you.  (Now it won’t get you a discount but it may make him smile and your walls will thank you when you get home.)


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