Dark Hall Mansion And Dave Perillo Take Us Back To A Simplier Time With An Outstanding Print For “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

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Ahhhhhh Christmastime….hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace, baking sugar cookies, making snow angels in the front yard, sledding and ice skating with your friends.  So many wonderful memories and one of the BEST is sitting on the couch in your footie pajamas, with a glass of milk and those aforementioned sugar cookies, as you await the magic sound of Vince Guaraldi and the visual beauty of Charles Schultz as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” takes you away to a enchanting place….for 24 minutes.

Dark Hall Mansion has just announced an all new must have print from the gifted artist, Dave Perillo.  Here is that announcement, set you reminders because these will go faster than your youth.

Dark Hall Mansion is excited to share this year’s officially licensed Peanuts print for Charles M. Schulz’s 1965 classic that started it all, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” On sale next Tues, December 3, 2013, at a random time between 9:30 AM PST and 11:30 AM PST, we think you’ll be thrilled to see many of your favorite scenes from everyone’s most beloved Christmas tradition.

Dark Hall Mansion’s invited artist for this year’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is Dave Perillo and his multi-panel approach allows us to all to share a laugh, smile, or tender moment of reflection that we can all use, most of all, at this time of year.

CBchristmasPerillo1You can just hear those first quiet, beautiful notes from Vince Guaraldi’s gorgeous score as you take in Dave Perillo’s first panel with the Peanuts gang ever so peacefully skating and then transition right into one of the most sensitive and profound Charlie/Linus wall conversations that just about everyone with a soul can empathize with.

Charles Schulz’s incomparable masterpiece touches us each year just as much, if not more, than it did when we all rushed our TVs with Zingers in hand. From Charles Schulz’s brilliantly insightful words and flourishes to the humor and beauty Bill Melendez so flawlessly incorporates with spot on direction, there is only one “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”


Dave Perillo has done this classic justice, and capture snowflakes and moments he has. Panel to panel his artwork reminds us all just why we so love these moments, characters, friends, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” so much-snowflake tasting, Charlie and Linus deciding on just the right little tree, Snoopy’s being moved and moving to music, Linus’ prayer, and the joyous close that affirms the Charlie Brown in us all that we really will be OK.

All DHM “A Charlie Brown Christmas” editions measure 12″ x 36,” are strictly limited, numbered, and individually screen printed with Editions as follows:

Standard: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Edition of 280) – $65


Variant: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Edition of 50) – $100

GreatPumpkin3 *And a select run of just 10 of each style-Standard and Variant-printed on full 12″ x 36″ panels of wood:

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Standard art) Wood Edition of 10 – $250

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Variant art) Wood Edition of 10



Standard: $65

Variant: $100

Wood Edition: $250


All Editions go on sale next Tues, Dec 3rd, 2013 at Dark Hall Mansion:

www.DarkHallMansion.com. They’ll go on sale on our dedicated Store page at a random time between 9:30 AM PST and 11:30 AM PST here: http://www.darkhallmansionstore.com/


*And know that we’ll be immediately shipping out our “A Christmas Brown Christmas” editions to collectors so they can be up and enjoyed! 🙂

**Also, in fairness to our collectors who actually wish to purchase our pieces to enjoy, not just ‘flip,’-ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


***A note to collectors wishing to purchase all 3 DHM Dave Perillo Holiday Charlie Brown editions: We’re now SOLD OUT of 3 of the 4 different “Great Pumpkin” editions, and sure certain “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” editions will soon go this route as well, so with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” now upon us-usually our most in demand Charlie release-please do know that quantities are limited, pending title and edition, and so it will become progressively harder to complete all 3 titles by Dave Perillo and-Yes!-we do try and match numbers for collectors where possible if they’re purchasing more than one Holiday title and desire a matched number. Just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


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