Planet Pulp’s “BUDDY SERIES” Gets A Fantastic “Lethal Weapon” Print From Joe Vetoe

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.09.49 PMThere is no denying that Jayson over at Planet Pulp knows awesome when he sees it.  He shares it on a daily basis and it’s one of our daily must-see sites. Well their theme for November is “Buddies” and as you can imagine, they are revealing tons of great prints.

_lethal-weaponPoster Posse member Joe Vetoe has gotten in on the action with a Lethal Weapon themed buddy print entitled “Riggs & Murtaugh.”  The 1987 film pairs this mis-matched couple of knudnicks as they take on the baddies and even out the scales of justice.

Glover Close Up 3Joe’s piece is fantastic so we reached out to him to get a few words about the project.  Here is what he had to say:

When Planet Pulp announced their Buddy Theme for November I was pretty excited. There’s so many to choose from like Tango & Cash, Running Scared, Beverly Hills Cop (I obviously have a slight obsession 80’s buddy cop movies). I was having a hard time deciding. But every year we do a 25 days of Christmas movies type thing at my house and as I was making the list one title stuck out, LETHAL WEAPON! It was perfect; great movie, the ultimate in buddy cops with Murtaugh and Riggs, there’s not a lot of Lethal Weapon art out there, and its almost Christmas time.

Gibson Close Up v3

I had been messing around with a new style off and on for the past couple of months and I finally decided to stop messing around and just do it! The purple variant was actually the first color palette that I came up with, but as I pulled out my VHS copy of the movie to watch (what better way to get into the 80s vibe then watching on VHS) I decided the colors they use on the cover of the VHS are perfect for the movie and decided why mess with perfection.

Lethal Weapon Red and Gray Final v2 It was a lot of fun to work on and I’m going to continue with this new style and hopefully improve it with each one. I appreciate Jayson over Planet Pulp letting me be a part of it. He’s good peeps.


As an added bonus Joe has given us an exclusive look at a purple variant for this piece which you can see below.

Lethal Weapon Purple Final v3Be sure to follow Joe on TWITTER to stay up to date with his awesomeness and head on over to Planet Pulp’s WEBSITE to check out more ‘buddies’ and other goodies.

P.S. We have to agree with Joe, Jayson Weidel is DEFINITELY good peeps.


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