The Prototype For 3A Toys “Invincible Iron Man” Already Has Me Setting Money Aside!

3A Toys makes some of the most intricate, mind-blowing toy figures that you have ever seen.  In the past we have written about them, (HERE and HERE) and with every release, it makes us love them more and more.  Now we get a sneak peek at an upcoming Invincible Iron Man prototype and….we want it REALLY badly… I mean REALLY, REALLY BADLY!

_3A-Toys-Iron-Man-Toy-by-Ashley-WoodNot only is THIS extremely amazing but they even allude to more awesomeness coming our way with even MORE Marvel figures.  Here is what designer Ashley Wood had to say about the project over on their production blog.

_3A-Toys-Iron-Man-Toy-by-Ashley-Wood3I thought I would share some prototype images of our IRON MAN with you guys ( We have some nifty colorways to show you soon ) I’m having a killer time designing Marvel Universe characters, getting to play with iconic characters is pretty amazing. I still remember reading IRON MAN 200 as a kid, dreaming of being a Marvel comic artist etc, never did I think I would have a toy company and the chance to make my own!

_3A-Toys-Iron-Man-Toy-by-Ashley-Wood2I should mention that Marvel has been nothing but supportive and hands-off, I’ll tell you that its a rare thing with such popular and well known characters! After Iron Man we have Doc Doom, Ultron and Spiderman and his Pal, actually many more, but I wanna keep some surprises!  I’ll have much more info on Iron Man and what he do soon!!

_3A-Toys-Iron-Man-Toy-by-Ashley-Wood4Ok, so the fact that this is still just a “prototype” is incredible.  It’s already amazing!  Oh, and the fact that they have a bunch of other Marvel characters lined up just about made my head spin off my shoulders!  I think it’s safe to say that I need to sell my Tiffany Dunks and put the money aside for not only the Iron Man figure but all the rest of their Marvel offerings.  You KNOW they gotta have a Deadpool figure up their sleeves and I bet that there will be an unbelievable Archangel figure with a crazy wingspan.  Now that I think about it, Cable would look bad-ass as well.  Damn it, I wanna know which ones they have in the line up!  I could go on a guess all day.  Wolverine and Sabertooth, Magneto, Colossus….and on and on and on…

Stay tuned as we will absolutely be bringing you more info on this Marvel Series from 3A Toys.  Follow them on TWITTER for updates on upcoming projects guaranteed to empty your wallet!


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