Artist Ridge Gives Us A Fantastic Christmas Story Inspired Print For Crazy 4 Cult Called “Only I Didn’t Say ‘Fudge’…”

It’s that time of year when Holiday specials rule the airways.  Hot Chocolate, lounging Ridge_Ralphiearound in pajamas as the snow flies and the usual holiday chaos. One such special that is always a favorite is the 1983, time-tested classic, A Christmas Story.  To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this gem, artist Ridge has come up with a fantastic print that brilliantly captures the essence of the adventures of Ralphie, Flick and the rest of the mixed-up crew.

Here is what Ridge had to say about the project.

Anyone who knows me, could tell you that Christmas (or holidays in general, really) is a big part of my life especially design-wise, so the opportunity to work some holiday cheer into a pop print was perfect. A CHRISTMAS STORY has been one of my favorite films since I was a kid – not just one of my favorite holiday films, but a favorite year-round – which has only gotten better with repeated viewings over the years. Ridge_FlickGrowing up, I drove my mom crazy begging her to rent it in May, July, whenever, until I finally got my own copy and could watch it whenever the mood struck. So when I got Gallery 1988’s invite for Crazy 4 Cult this year, and saw that it was going to be in December, I immediately knew that I wanted to finally do A CHRISTMAS STORY piece and ended up drawing about 80% of it that first week. Then I slowly added bits over a few months after re-watching the film a few times more. I basically had to just stop myself from cramming more stuff in the drawing at one point. That’s the nice thing about getting invites so early, is that you have time to just have fun with a piece and let it evolve over time.

 I love doing prints that have a lot of stuff going on in them – a lot of different scenes and elements from the film – and this being a Christmas movie, I wanted to incorporate that style into the shape of a Christmas tree. Randy’s “I can’t put my arms down!” pose was the first thing I added as the star on the top, and I just worked my way down from there. Friends have asked why I didn’t feature the iconic leg lamp at the top, but I wanted to blend that in with everything else, as although that lamp has become so synonymous with the film, this movie has so much hilarious brilliance in it that I wanted to showcase all of it equally. Jean Shepherd really was a gifted storyteller.

I had so much fun with this print, that I’ve decided to do an annual holiday piece in this same style and already mocked up next year’s film … with 3 more films so far on my wish list.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12.53.42 PMAnd by the way, as an added bonus, if you pick up the print from Gallery 1988 during the show’s run (December 13-21 either in person or online) and you “like” my Facebook page ( and private message me there by December 22nd with a snapshot of your print’s number (if you order online, just show some proof of your order), along with your address, you’ll get something extra special in the mail Christmas week. Come on, do it … I triple dog dare ya!

WHAT!  YOU TRIPLE DOG DARE US?  Well we’ll show you!  Be on the lookout for this one when Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult Show takes over New York City this year.


“Only I Didn’t Say ‘Fudge’…” by Ridge
5-color screenprint on 100# Cougar natural
18″ x 24″
Numbered edition of 50
Printing by the very awesome The Half and Half


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