Artist Andry Rajoelina Is Back With An Exclusive New Series For Geek Art Titled: “Super Families”

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.13.40 PMBack in May we wrote about Andry Rajoelina’s fantastic collection called “Justice Families.”  Well now he is back with an all new series which is being featured exclusively over on one of our favorite websites, Geek Art.  The new series is called “Super Families” and it’s pretty dang cool.  ( If you like what you see, click the links below each picture and it will take you directly to purchase them.)

_Andry-Rajoelina-The-A-FamilyThe A Family

_Andry-Rajoelina-Mogwai-Dad-686x686Mogwai Dad

This time out Andry is tackling Jurassic Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Goonies and other iconic films.  We asked Andry about this new series and here is what he had to say.

What I can say about the series is that idea of doing Batdad came up last year for Father’s day, and only a year after I decided to make the rest of the Justice League, the Marvel Characters and then TV series and movies that I love.

The idea was to show the sweet side of the relation between characters and make them as a real family even though some of them are just mentors or sidekicks. It was important for me to adapt every details, attitudes and references of each family to the series.

Andry_Rajoelina_-_Amazing_Uncle_50x50Amazing Uncle

For example making Silver Surfer as a little Silver Longboarder instead, the fact that he and Galactus don’t hold hands (people who know both characters would know why), having Uncle Ben as a ghost, having each ninja turtle holding their bags differently etc…


Andry-Rajoelina-Dad-From-the-Future-686x686Dad From The Future

Each print is available in two editions:

Deluxe Edition: 50x50cm (app. 19,6×19,6 inches). Digitally printed on high quality 300g art paper. Print stamped & numbered on the back. Shipped with a numbered Geek-Art certificate of authenticity. 70 euros. Limited edition of 20. (approximately $96)

Classic Edition: 32x32cm (app. 12,6×12,6 inches). Digitally printed on 300g card. Print stamped & numbered on the back. 40 euros. Limited edition of 50. (approximately $55)

Andry-Rajoelina-Jones-Family-686x686Jones Family

Andry-Rajoelina-Brothers-Never-Say-Die-686x686Brothers Never Say Die

Head over to the Geek Art WEBSITE to see all the images from Andry’s series. Also, from now till Christmas, if you use code CHRISTMAS2013 during checkout you will get a nice 15% discount on all purchases!  Be sure to check out Andry’s FACEBOOK page to stay on top of what he has coming up next.


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1 Response to Artist Andry Rajoelina Is Back With An Exclusive New Series For Geek Art Titled: “Super Families”

  1. JP Cupertino says:

    Reblogged this on Gremlins Online! and commented:
    Wonderful art and a somewhat somber drawing to remind us of the bond between Mogwai and Mr. Wing. (After all, it was Rand that named the mogwai Gizmo)


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