EXCLUSIVE! Artist Joe Vetoe Celebrates This Coming Friday The 13th With An Awesome Print…

BLURPPY EXCL TM…and what better way to honor one of the most notorious days of the year than with a print that brings it all full circle?  This Friday, 12/13/13, Hero Complex Gallery will release a new print by Joe Vetoe  for the 1980 horror classic that scared the $h!t out of me as well as an entire generation of movie-goers, “Friday The 13th.”

friday-the-13th-collection-announcement-01We asked the Poster Posse member about the project and you may be surprised by who he uses as a sounding board.  Here is what he had to say… now queue the creepy music.. “chi-chi-chi-cha-cha-cha…”(repeat)

The Friday the 13th movies have always been favorites of mine…even Jason X which is horribly AWESOME.  The original was the first scary movie I ever saw.  I secretly borrowed it from a friend, snuck it into the VCR late one night and it scared the crap out of me. 


The mask is so iconic (even though it didn’t become a part of the franchise until the 3rd).  I think Jason ranks right up there with Michael Myers and Freddy. Honestly though Jason and Mike Myers are the two laziest monsters of all time.  They’ve never run after anyone in their life, and yet they always catch their victims.  I’m envious of how successful they are while being the two laziest killers on the planet.  Their level of success and laziness is what I strive for in my every day life.


I did this print during the Halloween season just for fun, and then I looked at a calendar and lo and behold there was Friday 13th coming up in December.  And then I had a thought, that I’m sure no one ever thought of, …what if I release a Friday the 13th print on Friday the 13th?!?!  (I’m an innovator, I know.)  So I approached Adam at Hero Complex Gallery with the idea of releasing it, and he was completely on board.  Adam has been a great supporter of my work, and I’m forever thankful for that.  He, like Jayson at Planet-Pulp and Don of Blurppy, is good peeps.

Hopefully people like it.  My mom told me she liked it and she’s not biased so I’ve got a good feeling about it.

Friday 13 12.10.13 Final“Jason Was My Son And Today Is His Birthday” by Joe Vetoe

24″ X 36″ Giclee

Limited Edition Run of 35


Hero Complex Gallery will be releasing the print on Friday, 12/13/13, at a random time.  Be sure to follow them on TWITTER to find out when.  In the meantime, rather than watch some kid shoot his eye out for the 50th time this month, how about you fire up Netflix and go down memory lane to 1980.  Just remember:

  • don’t go swimming in Crystal Lake
  • if you hear a thud in a dark room on the other side of the house in the middle of the night – chances are your friend has been brutally murdered and Jason is now looking for you so run the OTHER way
  • and last but not least, try not to get that creepy music stuck in your head.



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