Paul Shipper Continues To Wow Fans. This Time With His Poster For Magnolia Pictures “Journey To The West”

PS 2013 Retorospective

Paul Shipper has had quite a run this year.  Gallery shows, comic book covers, Star Wars trading cards, CD covers, Poster Posse Projects and that’s just the half of it.  Well to close out 2013 he wanted to leave on a high note and give his fans something to appreciate and he does that with flying colors.

journey-west-detailPaul was once again asked by Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing to come up with a poster for one of their films.  (The first one he did for them was for Bad Milo) This time out it’s for a movie by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) called “Journey To The West.” 


Here is what Paul had to say about the project over on his blog.

When I first watched the trailer for Stephen Chow’s latest film I thought, Woah! it reminds me of a show I grew up with in the UK… ‘Monkey Magic’… As I researched a little more, turns out that this film by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) is based on the same material! Very Crazy Cool… The film looks as crazy, if not more so than the TV show I was so fond of as a kid.

It is an absolute pleasure to be asked to illustrate a poster to promote this film for Journey-to-the-west2Magnolia Pictures and Magnet. This is another film that thematically lends itself to this kind of ‘old school’ advertising, my favorite kind!  It is so awesome to see a company looking towards illustrated posters to promote their films and feel very fortunate and proud to be a part of it…

Paul’s impressive work speaks for itself and it is easy to see why fans compare his work to that of the infallible Drew Struzan.  Like Struzan, Shipper captures the essence of a film and his posters make you want to go SEE the film.  Nowadays many movie posters only represent the film they are made for but like the movies themselves, Paul’s prints tell a story.


Be on the lookout people because 2014 is going to be Paul Shipper’s year and that is saying quite a bit given what he accomplished in 2013.  I expect some rather “galactic” proportioned announcements in 2014 by this artist from New Zealand.  Follow him on TWITTER or head over to his WEBSITE to browse in awe at his portfolio.


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