Canuck Artist Paul Ainsworth Officially Launches A Clothing And Accessories Line: “Dead Eyre”

When you think of Canada you probably think of a frozen tundra, hockey, Molson and Bob Dead-eyre-logoand Doug McKenzie but artist Paul Ainsworth also wants you to think about “Dead Eyre.”  “Dead Eyre” is a clothing and accessory line that Paul has launched over on Society 6 and it’s great looking stuff.  Featuring everything from tees to baby onesies, to throw pillows, totes and cases for your iPhone, there is something there for everyone.

Since he is an illustrious member of the POSTER POSSE and the stuff looks pretty damn cool, we reached out to Paul to get some info on the project and here is what he had to say.

What does the name “Dead Eyre” come from or mean?

I thought long and hard for a few months on this and went through a gambit of bad ideas and bad names. I even researched other brands on how they came up with their own.  It really just had to mean something to me and sound kinda cool.

“Eyre” is the street I grew up on. My parents lived in that house for over 20 years. I left after high school and officially moved out after college. Eyre just brings me back to my roots. Where my creative bug started. “Dead Eyre” just sounded cool and has some neat meaning to it. You know when there’s dead silence on the radio. That awkward pause? It’s a career ending type of situation but it’s a void that needs someone to speak up or do something. I would hope that my designs create a bit of Dead Air when someone see’s them. They’ll just shut up and look at it and hopefully think :”woah” or “shit that’s cool

Dead-eyre line-1

Ok, because when I first saw the name I thought it was some sort of zombie reggae thing but then I released it was “Eyre” not “Irie” and all was at peace. What is the theme behind the brand?

Just cool, high contrast designs and illustrations that pop and stand out. It’s a little skate, a little Rockabilly, some vintage biker, and a little Nerdy all in one.

Will there be reoccurring “characters” in the line or are we constantly going to see new ones?

Yea I can see that happening with a couple of the designs. We’ll see how they are received by folks and take it from there. The thing is, that these have been out there on my Behance portfolio and have been getting great attention. I just hope this site can garner the same attention.

Dead-eyre-line-2What made you start this project and finally take it to Society 6?

I’ve had the T-Shirt business bug since I was in High School. I even registered it back then but it fell apart like a Chinese motorcycle. No research, no developed talent, just a kid with some cool drawings that my little brother’s friends liked.

I’ve been collecting designs for years just in case something might pop up where I’d fall into money or someone invested in me. Well that never happened so then I saw this Society 6 thing. At first I thought: “meh” it’s probably some tacky shit and won’t last and you can find them at some Trinket and Trash dollar store bin. I find out that the Tees are American Apparel and printed with Direct-to-Grament and even using some new technologies so you can print transparencies on dark colors! They make throw pillows and tote bags! Like CAMAN’!! Prints looks nice, the iPhone and iPad cases look slick. I’m also going on what people tell me when it comes to the quality of the products. I’ve heard great things, but because it’s one of those “upload and go” type deals, the only way I get to sample these is to purchase one for myself. I’m currently waiting on a shipment. Society 6 just fit my situation for right now. Things will most likely change in the near future. I’ve got a 20 month old daughter with another on the way. I have to finish the basement and mouths to help feed. Dropping 5 grand on an indy passion project is not a high priority but getting my work out there is. What’s great is that I can just throw anything I like on there and they’ll print to order. So instead of having my designs collect dust on my external drive, I can get them out there on their own. I retain all rights to the work and get a small percentage of the sales. Once I really explained it to my wife, she was on board all the way and we’re really looking forward to what can come from it all. A really big help was seeing a fellow Poster Posse member Erin Gallagher selling her work on there as well as another great poster designer Derek Eads who has also been kind enough to help me with my noob questions and such.


How long before Dead Eyre puts Canada on the map as a powerhouse of creativity?

“…”  See? Dead Eyre  haha….

Ask me that after I make a sale! Yes, I have not made 1 ridiculous sale yet! So come on folks I didn’t start this thing up so that I’m the only one with a Dead Eyre T-shirt out there! Help me get something going!

haha It’s so young at this point, I’m not going to let it get me down. My wife even played Devil’s Advocate and said: “You kind of picked bad time to open. It’s after Christmas. People want to pay off their credit cards and they don’t want to buy gifts.” my reasoning is that it’s a “soft opening” like in Ocean’s Thirteen.

Dead Eyre line-4It does however, feel like I invited people to a party and my wife and I are alone playing Janga.  I’m going to let it get it’s feet wet. Test some promotions and social networks and see what can happen. In a perfect world, I’d have all the money to just do a few designs. Get some really talented guys out there to help me out, bust out a beautiful website and promote the shiznat out of it but no dice!

I know brands like Electric Zombie or Johnny Cupcakes didn’t get to where they are because they just had money. They worked their asses off to get to where they are. I don’t feel like I’m cutting in line. I’ve paid my creative dues but I’m still willing to start at the end of the line and let things grow.  My real intention is to make people happy they purchased something I loved doing. That’s it.

So shop shop shop folks!

Right now you can click on this link and get free shipping anywhere in the world!! … until January 12 at Midnight Pacific. Some restrictions apply on certain items. But really look into it! <——— Only by entering that link can you receive that deal.

I’ll be adding more and more designs as I go. I’m always drawing so something might pop, so keep informed. Click the “Promote” button, and share with your friends!


Dead Eyre line-5I may have to ask my wife if we can have another kid JUST so I can get the awesome onesie!  (Or, maybe I just buy a bunch and give them out as GIFTS….that MAY be the better route.)  Regardless, of what I decide, head on over to Paul’s Society 6 page for Dead Eyre and get yourself some awesomeness.



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