Delve Into The Artistic Awesomeness of Ian Glaubinger

New Jersey artist Ian Glaubinger is obsessed with Tron: Legacy, everything retro and hockey.  Lucky for us he is also a gifted artists whose work makes the walls of your home or office look incredible.  Ian was kind enough to give us a few words about a few of his favorites.  Take a look and then head over to his STORE and pick some of it up.

Heroes in a half shell“Heroes in a Half Shell” – One of my favorite pieces that I’ve done to date. The Turtles have long been my favorites whether it’s comics, cartoons, toys and movies. This was done exclusively for LTD Art Gallery in Seattle, WA for the “Mint Condition” show in 2013. – Ian Glaubinger

RPS1RPS4“Rocks, Paper, Scissors” This past November I was asked to be apart of an amazing trio show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA called “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The show consisted of sculptures (rock) by Brad Hill, limited edition prints (paper) by myself and plush dolls (scissors) by Steff Bomb. All 3 artists created their own interpretation of 21 different movies and TV shows in their own medium. – Ian Glaubinger 

(Here are 4 pieces from Ian’s contribution to the show)

RPS2 RPS3Toontown gothic“Toontown Gothic” This piece was special for me because Who Framed Roger Rabbit is my all time favorite movie. I actually was quite intimidated when tackling this piece because I had never drawn these characters before and I really wanted to do them justice. It was also my first foray into using a drawing tablet, giving it that real ‘painterly’ feel to it. Done exclusively for the Bottleneck Gallery show; “Couples Only” in NYC in 2013. – Ian Glaubinger

tannen-timeline-web“The Tannen Family: Through The Years” A unique mash up of illustration and graphic design based on what could be my favorite trilogies of all time; Back to the Future. This was probably the most detailed and complicated piece I’ve ever done, definitely involved the most (fun) research for a single piece. Done exclusively for Gallery 1988’s “Crazy 4 Cult” show in NYC this past December. – Ian Glaubinger

Since I REALLY dig his work, I asked Ian to give me a few words about some of MY favorite pieces in his portfolio.  He kindly reciprocated and here they are…

program-cover“The Avengers” Ok, my love for this piece knows no bounds.  Here is what Ian had to say about it.  “This piece was originally done as the cover of the Boston Comic Con in 2012 in preparation for the upcoming movie but went unused.” – Ian Glaubinger

WHAT!  UNUSED!? Son of a…..I am NOT happy about this information!

game-has-changed“The Game Has Changed”  This Tron: Legacy inspired print has the perfect color palette and instantly evokes memories of the movie. I went to this show at HCG and it absolutely stood out.  “I think I listened to the Daft Punk soundtrack on repeat about 4 billion times while creating this piece. Done exclusively for the Hero Complex Gallery show; “Weapon of Choice” in Los Angeles, CA in 2012.” – Ian Glaubinger

cap“The Glory Days” I love this print of an older Steve Rogers looking back over some of his past accomplishments.  It totally reminded me of a scene from one of my all-time favorite films which Ian alludes to in his comments.  “Depicts Captain America looking back on his past and inspired by The Incredibles.” – Ian Glaubinger

StarWars-IanGlaubinger1“Star Wars Doodles”  Any time you combine Darth Vader and Boba Fett, I’m pretty much gonna drool over it.  Here are 3 pieces that Ian has done based on a story from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

StarWars-IanGlaubinger3StarWars-IanGlaubinger2Head over to Ian’s WEBSITE to see the rest of his incredible portfolio and be sure to check out his BLOG and TWITTER feed to find out what his next batch of awesomeness will be.  HUGE thanks to Ian for taking the time to give us some words and insight on his favorite pieces.


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