IDW To Bring Us A Superb, Must-Have Hardcover For The Silver Age Batman

I truly hope that Bob Kane and Bill Finger FULLY grasped how important and beloved their creation of Batman was/ is to pop culture.  Since 1939, Batman has been a fan favorite in comic books, graphic novels, movies, cartoons and merchandise.  Now, IDW will share one of the most cherished times in the Dark Knight’s long tenured role as Gotham’s savior, The Silver Age.

BatComingMNTribHere is the official press release announcing yet ANOTHER “must-have” book from the folks at IDW.

Renowned for its Eisner and Harvey Award-winning archival work, IDW’s The Library of American Comics will continue its collaboration with DC Entertainment by collecting the Batman’s Silver Age newspaper strips in a matching format to the Silver Age Superman series!


Hot on the heels of the successful hit Batman television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward that resulted in what can only be described as “Batmania,” the Batman newspaper strips debuted in 1966. Written by longtime Batman editor Whitney Ellsworth, with art by DC Comics giants Shelly Moldoff, Joe Giella, and Carmine Infantino, the newspaper strip was a huge success.

Batman660915The first volume, reprinting all B&W dailies and color Sundays from 1966 and 1967, features an all-star list of Batman and Robin characters, including Catwoman, the Penguin, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl! The 11 x 8.5” hardcover designed and edited by Dean Mullaney will feature a dust jacket cover by Pete Poplaski, and will be 256 pages, including an introduction by Joe Desris.

Batman661229 “Ellsworth and the artists perfectly captured the flavor of the television show,” Mullaney says. ‘It’s a tremendous amount of fun, both as nostalgia and as a unique creation of its time.”

Batman670326 Created in 1939 by Bob Kane, Batman has become an icon, a catalyst, and one of the most revered comic book properties of all time. With countless series, animated television shows, video games, and feature films under his utility belt, Batman perches on the top of American pop culture.

Batman670903Follow IDW on TWITTER to get updates on all the new stuff they have planned for 2014.  They continually deliver excellence along with their other division, IDW LIMITED.  As an added bonus, take a look at this fantastic 4-part interview with Bob Kane done by Stan Lee.



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2 Responses to IDW To Bring Us A Superb, Must-Have Hardcover For The Silver Age Batman

  1. Matt Ferguson says:

    This article keeps saying Batman was created by Bob Kane. That’s a really weird way to misspell Bill Finger


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