If You Haven’t Booked Your Tickets To Austin, Texas For Laurent Durieux’s Solo Show At Mondo, Youuuuuu May Want To Change That


When Mondo first announced the upcoming solo show for Laurent Durieux at their LA Mondo Mystery Movie screening, the place when wild.  Well now images are starting to show up and to be rather frank with you, they are some of the most gorgeous prints I have ever seen.


Folks on the popular Facebook Page, POSTER BUDDIES and TRADERS are scurrying trying to find “PB’s” (that’s Poster Buddies for you nubes) and given how incredible the work is, it’s proving rather difficult.  EVERYONE wants EVERYTHING that Laurent does and this batch of prints is no exception.


Back To The Future 2 – Regular Edition


Back To The Future 2 – Variant Edition

Fan favorites are the “Back to the Future” prints but I am THRILLED to see that Durieux has done an insanely desirable print for one of my all-time favorite films, Hitchcock’s “The Rear Window.”


rearwindowvariantThere is no denying that Laurent Durieux is a true master when it comes to his craft and if I could book a flight to Austin today, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Line up early everyone because this show is going to be wall to wall with people and credit cards will most definitely be getting maxed out.


THe Birds1

Despite the large print runs on some of these I have a feeling that there will be a BUNCH that don’t even make it to the online sale the following day.  Speaking of large print runs, I wonder if Laurent gets writer’s cramp signing print after print, after print, after print…

mondo-signing1 mondo-signing -2



Personally, and I know that I speak for many, I can’t WAIT to see everything that Durieux is bringing to the table for this show.  Given these few prints above, my head is SPINNING with anticipation.


Mondo Gallery, Austin, Texas, the calm before the storm…

This Friday seems like a MILLION YEARS AWAY!  Best of luck to all, may you come away with all that you seek.

Follow Laurent Durieux’s FACEBOOK PAGE and check out his incredible portfolio over on his WEBSITE.  Just sit down before you do because it will blow…your ….mind.

Forbidden Planet Forbidden planet1


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9 Responses to If You Haven’t Booked Your Tickets To Austin, Texas For Laurent Durieux’s Solo Show At Mondo, Youuuuuu May Want To Change That

  1. Want want want! But most of all want one of those Forbidden Planet prints. Saw them when they were first revealed and immediately fell in love. Of course, it happens to be one of my favourite all-time Sci-Fi films too.


  2. Ethan says:

    Is there any more info about/images of the BTTF part I poster? (And did he do one for part III?) Can’t find anything on it ANYwhere else online!


  3. Vasco says:

    when can we buy these online ? 🙂
    thank you


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